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Press Release Category Business - Publishing & Printing - Jesse Prewitt Ministries Release Date: November 07, 2012

What Went Wrong for Republicans? And Where Do Conservatives Go From Here?

By Jesse Prewitt Ministries
November 07, 2012
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Conservative Houston-Area Pastor, Jesse Prewitt, responds to Presidential Election results.

PR9.NET November 07, 2012 - Cleveland, Texas - Tuesday, thousands of hopeful Americans were stunned by the election results, while others rejoiced for their candidate's win. The result? Mr. Obama will remain in the White House for another term.

I have heard post-elections results and commentaries about what went wrong and how the Republicans could have done a better job to get their candidate elected; and what they must do next time in order to win. I listened intently as brilliant strategists and knowledgeable professionals gave opinions on what must be done in the future to win the presidency. Some suggested we compromise on certain fundamental conservative issues while others recommended they should court specific demographics more effectively.

Media anchors pointed out the fact that Mr. Obama, in 2008, ran a very positive campaign; while in 2012 he ran a extemely negative campaign. And the question was asked how did he win with such negativity and with all the trouble that America is in, both financially and socially, at home and abroad. I must admit that I was personally puzzled as to why people would vote for a candidate with such a poor record his first term. Some suggested that America is changing from a "right to center" country, to a more "center to left" mindset, and that she is not the same nation she was just a generation ago.

So what was the Democrats' secret? How did the campaign managers pull off this win? Are they simply, really that good at what they do? Did luck or happenstance, or even weather, play an intregal part? There is no doubt whatsoever that they know their job very well. Both camps were managed by very capable personnel.

Actually, the Democrats had an unseen edge. They rode in on a wave. Actually, yes, America IS changing, and she is leaning more to the "left" than ever before. Many Americans today are all too ready to follow those who will lead them in that direction. A direction where there is no personal accountablilty, no consequences for their actions, and nobody to tell them what they can do with their body; nor tell them that anything they do is wrong or "sinful". I've heard them refer to the republicans as the "part of 'NO". Jesus Christ said that "...wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction and many enter through it."

The Republican Party can do as they wish, but Conservative Christian Americans MUST NOT cave on their values nor compromise their convictions! In fact, this is the time to stand more firmly than ever before! America's many apparent social problems are actually spritual problems. Murder and racial bigotry are the result of hatred, while adultery and sexual sins stem from lust. Theives steal because of greed. All of these are from the "heart" of men and women, and are spritual in essence, and come in all colors. The only way for America to change is for people to change; the only way for people to change is to have a change of "heart". The only way to have a change of heart is to have a life-changing experience with Jesus Christ. True "change" must begin on the inside, and then it will make it's way to the "outside". Then and only then can America begin to change.

Where do Conservatives go from here? We must pray together for America to return to her roots, her spiritual roots. Regardless what many teach today, America had her beginning on the same principles as the Evangelical Christians hold dear today, Biblical Principles. There may be some dark days ahead, but we know that in the end, our side WINS! Some of the best advice I ever received was from one of my Mentors, Dr. Jerry Falwell, who told me: "Jesse, never, ever, ever give up!"

# # #

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About Jesse Prewitt Ministries

Mr. Prewitt is a Conservative Southern Baptist Church-Planter, Pastor and Author who lives and ministers in the Houston area. Prewitt is well known for his candid responses to current issues of the day, and is often sought for his comments regarding those issues and their relation to Biblical Principles.

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