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Press Release Category Business - Publishing & Printing - Jesse Prewitt Ministries Release Date: September 04, 2012

A "New Statement" By Jesse Prewitt In The Wake Of The Recent RNC.

By Jesse Prewitt Ministries
September 04, 2012
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Conservative Houston Area Minister weighs in on the affect of the November Elections on America.

PR9.NET September 04, 2012 - I have an urgent message that Americans must hear!", Mr. Prewitt told his audience near Houston, Texas this week. "I have no reason not to believe that Gov. Romney, if elected, will live up to everything he has said he will do; and a welcome change he will be. But the critical condition that America is in runs much deeper and cannot be cured simply by changing Administrations or the replacement of a few Legislators, as anxious as we all are for the sort of change that instills real hope." He continued, "America was founded as a Christian Nation based on Judeo-Christian Ethics, and she must remain so in order to remain free. Mr. Obama is dead wrong! Just ask the rest of the world what kind of nation we are. I wager they will readily dub us as 'Christian', and that will not necessarily be a compliment from their perspective."

"If America was in the hospital", he stated, "she would be listed as in critical condition, due to the fact that all her ills are spiritual not social. (There has never been a social solution to a spiritual problem.) The one and only hope for America is for the Christians of this great nation to unite around the essential elements of their mutual faith, not discarding their differences, but finding common ground at the cross, long enough to evangelize this nation together, and see true revival come to America again."

"No Politician or Party alone can solve America's spiritual problems", he said, "America can only be restored to her former self from the inside-out and the bottom-up, not from the top-down. We have to look back at our beginning to see the condition we are in now, and only then can we see the real solution."

For further comment contact Jesse at: jesseprewitt(at)yahoo(dot)com or 936-522-6549.

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Contact Information of Jesse Prewitt Ministries Contact Information of Jesse Prewitt Ministries
Phone 936-900-4811
E-Mail E-mail Address Protected
Address Cleveland, Texas

About Jesse Prewitt Ministries

Mr. Prewitt is a Conservative Southern Baptist Church-Planter, Pastor and Author who lives and ministers in the Houston area. Prewitt is well known for his candid responses to current issues of the day, and is often sought for his comments regarding those issues and their relation to Biblical Principles.

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