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Press Release Category Business - Marketing & Advertising - HubShout, LLC Release Date: July 09, 2010

HubShout Introduces Industry First SEO Reseller Private Label Technology Platform

By HubShout, LLC
July 09, 2010
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HubShout has launched the first SEO reseller private label technology platform to manage workflow, reporting, content creation, customer portal and customer service. With a formidable Fortune 100 background, HubShout saw a huge deficiency in the SEO reseller market with their reliance on the "monthly report" and mysterious SEO tactics. To solve this problem, HubShout utilized their enterprise IT skills to bring the first eve private label SEO reseller technology platform to market. Now being used by over 100 accounts, the technology has passed through beta and is available to agencies, web design companies and marketing consultants for use as a workflow tool as well as reporting, client log in and ROI demonstration.

PR9.NET July 09, 2010 - The concept of "the reseller" has been alive and well in many fields for decades. It has become particularly strong in information technology (IT) spaces. As search engine optimization (SEO) has grown increasingly closer to IT due to the scale and sophistication required, several companies have introduced SEO reseller programs. The goal of these programs is to enable PR agencies, marketing companies and web design shops to offer a solid SEO product without providing the delivery (i.e., the work). HubShout piloted their own SEO reseller program in 2009 with a select few companies and rolled it out as a public offering in 2010. Like several other SEO reseller offerings, HubShout's program can be white labeled (i.e., private label SEO), allowing the PR agency or web design company to delivery all the SEO work under their logo. However, it was clear from the beginning that something large was missing from all of the reseller programs that were available: Transparent and Effective Technology.

Today, HubShout is pleased to announce an important enhancement to the SEO reseller marketplace through the introduction of their private label SEO technology platform. Following trends in the domain registration space, HubShout saw the need for resellers to have a complete technology platform to support the SEO they are selling. Where previous SEO resellers offered white-labeled reporting, HubShout saw the opportunity to take this much further and give the selling organization a fully operational technology platform - including a client facing portal - something that has never been offered in the SEO reseller space previously.

The objectives for the first ever SEO reseller private label technology platform were several. The goal was to satisfy several important needs of SEM customers. First, the platform needs to provide a place for customers to log in and see reports, workflow and any other communications (as opposed to waiting for monthly reports or having to call a customer support line). This was accomplished by building a client-facing portal that sits as a subdomain of the resellers main website. The reseller logo are placed on the portal and the colors match their primary marketing website. Second, HubShout wanted to emphasize business outcomes and transparency. The technology portal allows customers to see what they are getting for their SEM investment. They see this in terms of rankings, leads, conversions, customer telephone calls, email referrals and the complete workflow being executed on their behalf. Third, HubShout wanted to create a one-stop shop for information. Rather than logging into Google, Yahoo, Bing, Analytics, your phone provider and Facebook, the HubShout SEO reseller portal uses built-in APIs to bring all this data together for the end-user. A year-long pilot was dedicated to ensuring this data was presented in an easy-to-understand way. This data integration alone is extremely valuable to most organizations running at scale. A final objective was to off-load as much customer service from the SEO reseller as possible. When a firm decides to outsource SEO, they want to reduce the volume of customer support activities as well. HubShout is convinced that their technology portal is able to off-load 80% of customer service through scheduled reports, email alerts, ROI pictures and the 24x7 portal.

HubShout is extremely excited to be a first-mover in the SEO reseller technology space. In their view, the industry desperately needed a privately-labeled SEO reseller platform, similar to those that have been available for domain registration services for several years, but built specifically for the SEM space. A demonstration video is available on the website and webinars are completed daily by appointment. Contact HubShout directly to learn more about becoming a reseller or using the technology platform to power your company's SEM product.

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Contact Information of HubShout, LLC Contact Information of HubShout, LLC
Phone 888-266-6432
E-Mail E-mail Address Protected
Address 620 Park Ave
Suite 302
Rochester, NY

About HubShout, LLC

HubShout is a national SEO / SEM firm offering services and software for Internet Marketing activities. With a strong history in the Fortune 100, HubShout set out to bring transparency and accountability to the SEO reseller space. Using their deep understanding of Fortune 100 reporting and customer service needs, HubShout has also built the first Private Label SEO Technology Portal for SEO resellers. Contact HubShout by phone or visit their website for more information.

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