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Press Release Category Business - Marketing & Advertising - Weston Bailey, LLC Release Date: July 03, 2010

Now You Can Get the $200 1-2-3 Power System for the Incredibly Low Price of Just $67

By Weston Bailey, LLC
July 03, 2010
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Because this is what you want. March of 2010, I distributed a survey to 500 people. 152 people responded. People like the product but did not want to pay $200, due to economic hardships. The price would be better if under $97. Therefore I decided to lower my profit margin and offer the product with the same quality that you would get when paying $200. This is the honest truth. My goal is to help you fill your pockets with money, not empty them.

PR9.NET July 03, 2010 - The 1-2-3 Power System is a system developed to effectively promote any money-making product, program, MLM, or service using several unique marketing methods. It is meant to teach you how to make any product that you have, work for you and finally make the money of your dreams.

The system consists of three steps.

Step 1: How To Raise Capital for your Business – every business needs money to start and grow. Most businesses fail before they start due to lack of money. In addition, to incorporate your business; most states have a guideline for a minimal amount of money to capitalize your business. This is required to protect you from lawsuits. Lack of capital can allow the plaintiff to pierce the corporate veil. Step 1 will help solve the lack of capital problem. The 1-2-3 Power System will show you how to generate a mailing list with no money. And how to turn that mailing list into money to fund your business.

Step 2: How To Use Low Cost Marketing to Start Growing your Business – you will learn an effective email marketing strategy and fax advertising strategy. Detailed instructions and examples are provided for you to master these low cost marketing techniques. In addition, supplier resources are provided that will make the task easier if you choose to use them.

Step 3: How To Use Direct Mail Marketing and Classified Advertising to Skyrocket your Income – direct mail is big business… 200,000 or more sales letters are mailed monthly from the big players in the industry. Why? Because they make a lot of money when people respond. They have written a marketing piece that people respond too. This step will teach you the technique to get people to respond to your direct mail sales letters and classified ads. Once you master this step you will start making a consistent living with little effort.

The system works but it is not infallible. It is the "YOU" factor that will get it to work. You must be dedicated, persistent and apply hard work to be successful. The people that understand this make millions. Others fall short, but still have potential.

There is no guarantee on how long it will take you to make money applying the marketing techniques of this system. But you will make money if you stay dedicated to the system.

I will guarantee the price of $67! If $67 is too much, take advantage of the installment plan. Pay $7 today, then 3 more payments of $20. Payments will occur every two weeks for a total of 4 payments over 6 weeks.

# # #

Contact Information of Weston Bailey, LLC Contact Information of Weston Bailey, LLC
Phone 586-756-1621
FAX 1-888-875-3749
E-Mail E-mail Address Protected

About Weston Bailey, LLC

Our Mission: Nurture entrepreneurs to a profitable business enabling them to spend more time developing the mind, body and spirit of their children, family, and community.

Our Vision: Coach one thousand entrepreneurs in the next 10 years to a profitable business by working with them through the steps of starting, growing and managing a profitable business.

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