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Press Release Category Business - Marketing & Advertising - Release Date: January 07, 2006

RTM Support System - a Force-Multiplier for Home Based Business.

January 07, 2006
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IncomeHarvest and EnergizeTV announce the RTM Support System which dramatically improves home-based business recruiting, training and marketing efforts by adding COSCO to business methodology.

PR9.NET January 07, 2006 - San Diego, CA - IncomeHarvest and EnergizeTV announce the release of the RTM Support System - a system that dramatically improves the effectiveness of home-based business recruiting, training and marketing efforts.

Without adequate support, 99% of Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing businesses fail. Their business models lack COSCO - Content, Opportunity, Systems and Community.

IncomeHarvest provides Brightbox™ and EnergizeTV provides LIVE!™ web conferencing - the two key elements comprising the RTM Support System. The system allows entrepreneurs to add COSCO to their business methodology, dramatically improving:

1. Recruiting - the most effective way to build a team is to use the power of video and the Internet to locate people with common goals. A business opportunity is presented considerably less effectively via a hotel meeting or DVD presentation. Rapport is easily developed using a global, face-to-face, LIVE!™ video conference.

2. Training - one of the keys to operating a successful business is knowledge. Brightbox™ provides over $47,000 in personal and business development programming via The Learning Network™. Whether you need information on developing rapport or simply communicating effectively, Brightbox™ provides the televised training quickly and effectively; it keeps teams motivated.

3. Marketing - Anything that can be displayed on a website can be displayed as part of a LIVE!™ presentation. Anything that can be displayed on the Internet can be displayed, using Brightbox™, on a TV. Team members can show their DVD business presentations and can provide mutual support, from home, while marketing products or services world-wide.

Lee Matthews, President of IncomeHarvest, stated: "The RTM Support System is a tremendous asset - I love the fact that our programming will help anyone develop the people-skills necessary to rapidly grow their business. Being able to present product information or business presentations, normally only displayed on a computer screen, using a living room TV is a tremendous benefit - it greatly aids in-home presentations."

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About EnergizeTV

For an annual fee of $720, EnergizeTV provides a web-based 150-person video conference system, on a 24/7 basis, to entrepreneurs who wish to use Relationship Marketing to introduce their products/services globally.


IncomeHarvest, a world-wide marketing organization established in 2005, introduces an advanced Global Private Network, known as Coil, to individuals and businesses that interact via the Internet. Coil's secure Internet operation provides a host of communications and organizational tools and has a powerful built-in collaborative capability. IncomeHarvest also promotes personal and business development programming via Television and the Internet.

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