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Press Release Category Business - Marketing & Advertising - SERVICEWRAP Release Date: October 08, 2005

SERVICEWRAP.NET Urgent Newsflash for Merchants: 2005 Christmas Online Shopping Bonanza - 45 Working Days until Christmas

October 08, 2005

Christmas shoppers already begin to hit the internet looking for online bargains. Are merchants ready for this increased trade, and as an internet merchant have you started your search engine marketing campaign to ensure you receive Christmas shoppers to your website. With 45 days until Christmas 2005 the time to start, is now.

PR9.NET October 08, 2005 - With 45 working days until Christmas 2005 online merchants and companies need to prepare now for the predicted online shopping bonanza that is due shortly. Websites that are not in the public eye in their market area, that are not making efforts to appear higher in search engine listings and who are not beginning an effort to increase their visibility across the search engines will undoubtedly miss out on increased trade.

Introducing the way for online merchants to attain both media visibility for their products, in Google News and Yahoo News as well as across the Yahoo Search Marketing network (Yahoo, Altavista, AllTheWeb etc.): 7 Day News Release Optimization and Rankings. Before; there were 2 ways to promote a website; a merchant would either advertise it through sponsored search engine matches, banner or other advertising mechanisms or through 'optimization'; the means to modify a website in such a way as to attain higher search engine ranking positions across the search engines.

Yahoo Search Marketing (through its Overture Search Tool) report already that last month hundreds of thousands of searches were performed for Christmas related search terms, and with millions more expected to come online over the next month now is the time for websites to begin their Christmas marketing drive and compete with the ever increasing prices in the high street stores.

Now, 7 Day News Release Optimization can bring the benefit of increased visitors and potential customers to any website in just 7 days, first page Yahoo News and Google News placement as well as guaranteed inclusion into the Yahoo Search Marketing network of search engines, often in hundreds of first page (top 10 placements). To bring the expected 2005 Christmas shopping Bonanza to a website that wants to seriously benefit from increased online visitors and hopefully trade this third 'new media' route of marketing should be addressed seriously by any website owner/webmaster or merchant that wishes to bring more to their website.

With 7 Day News Release Optimization merchants are guaranteed News release inclusion, as well as work towards several hundred top 10 search engine rankings positions across the Yahoo Search Marketing network, specifically designed to achieve the ultimate goal of increased Christmas shoppers that are looking to shop online rather than on the ever crowded high street.

Merchants every month of the year look for new ways to increase internet shopping 'foot traffic' yet the Pre-shopping Christmas shopping period should be one in which merchants take full advantage of the tested and verified methods of new marketing avenues, and with 7 Day News Release Optimization that preparation should begin today.

With 45 working days until Christmas, and shoppers already beginning to hit the internet 'high-street', through a new breed of 'total promotion' service packages that are designed not only to bring search engine visibility to a website quickly, but to bring about top 10 ranking positions, through a combination of submission and press release services, online merchants can now take heed of the knowledge that the Christmas online shopping bonanza will soon be starting – with just 45 working days left until Christmas 2005 now is the time to start a 7 Day News Release Optimization.

Visit for details.

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About SERVICEWRAP is a website promotion and marketing service company. Assisting both large and small companies in the provision of a greater search engine presence through search engine optimization and top 10 ranking services.

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