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Press Release Category Business - Marketing & Advertising - Jesse Prewitt Ministries Release Date: April 29, 2013

Texas Pastor Attacked For Traditional Stand on Family Refuses To Back Down.

By Jesse Prewitt Ministries
April 29, 2013
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Conservative Houston Area Pastor, Jesse Prewitt, responds to personal attacks for statements made in his book, America: Danger Close!

PR9.NET April 29, 2013 - Cleveland, Texas - Sunday, when asked for comment regarding recent personal attacks for statements made in his book, America: Danger Close!; referring to his stand on traditional family values and proper discipline in the home; Prewitt responded in his usual straightforward manner. "It doesn't bother me when someone doesn't like my writing style or presents a critique of its literary value, or simply disagrees with my position on the subject", Prewitt stated, "we can simply agree to disagree if it comes down to an impasse on the matter." "But personal attacks as to my motive for writing such as only 'to beat my own drum' or to increase my own popularity are completely out of line for a professional reviewer", Prewitt said. "This sort of attack is typical these days where anyone takes a conservative stand", he added.

In his book, Mr. Prewitt states that "America is in critical condition". Prewitt's position is that the reason the 'homeland' is in the shape it is in, is because that the family unit itself has suffered decline. This, in turn, is due to a personal spiritual need that has been all too neglected by the New Testament Church. A failure to address this spiritual need, by the New Testament Church in today's society, is the root cause of America's "critical condition".

Prewitt was recently attacked for statements in his book regarding what he referred to as "God-Fearing, loving, reasonable discipline." "I believe the Bible teaches plainly that without proper instruction as to how to conduct themselves, including proper discipline in the home, we are setting children up to fail in life", Prewitt told us.

"I was ridiculed for 'thinking that paddling childrens bums will straighten out America", Prewitt told us, "and I told them that the proper application of it would definitely go a long way toward that goal", he said. "I will not back down from my conservative stand on the matter and personal attacks only serve to deepen my resolve", Prewitt said, "they claim to have read my book, but I doubt if that's true. If they had they would easily have construed my meaning", he told us, "and every Pastor in America should be bold enough to take a stand for the family and this Nation, and tell it like it is."

Mr. Prewitt is available for comment or question at, or 936-900-4811.

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Contact Information of Jesse Prewitt Ministries Contact Information of Jesse Prewitt Ministries
Phone 936-900-4811
E-Mail E-mail Address Protected
Address Cleveland, Texas

About Jesse Prewitt Ministries

Mr. Prewitt is a Conservative Southern Baptist Church-Planter, Pastor and Author who lives and ministers in the Houston area. Prewitt is well known for his candid responses to current issues of the day, and is often sought for his comments regarding those issues and their relation to Biblical Principles.

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