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Press Release Category Business - Human Resources - Release Date: March 23, 2011

Is Culture Management the Future of Employee Management?

March 23, 2011
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Manage your key employee challenges by Building and Fostering a Productive Organization Culture.

PR9.NET March 23, 2011 - We all must have heard the key challenges in our HR world

* How to improve employee productivity
* How to increase employee engagement
* How to retain and attract employees
* How to perform efficient employee assessment/evaluation
* Above all, how to understand employees better

There is an old saying "you are only as good as the people that work for you", so really employees are a company's biggest asset. However, on one hand the companies don't put enough effort to understand their employees well and on the other hand there are current HR system providers, who have cumbersome and obsolete systems that are not only expensive, but also hard to operate and are almost useless in terms of managing the HR challenges of today and especially tomorrow. Does this mean that we finally need some innovation in HR?

Yes, yes and absolute yes … we need to find new ways to manage these challenges. But let's take a step back and re-think that may be all of these challenges are connected to a particular key factor. At least, this is what team thinks. In their more than 2 years of research & development, the team at found that majority of challenges related to employee management are connected to one thing i.e. Better Culture Management within any organization. According to them, a productive culture is the most essential thing of keeping employees happy that ultimately leads to improved productivity, retention and increased engagement. After their findings they promised to bring innovation into the HR space (at least in employee management) and recently launched their first version of culture management release with the following tools:

* Employee Rewards & Recognition – Boost employee morale thus the productivity
* Company Newsfeed – Improve employee engagement by keeping them connected
* Real-time Feedback – Increase your employee investment by providing timely feedback (Please don't wait till the end of the year for annual review)

So, what else is cooking at's headquarters in San Francisco? Collaborative Goals Management - They also think that collaboration tends to play an important role in terms of improving efficiency but only when achieving tasks and goals. Another thing of extreme importance for them is to provide simple, cost-effective and intuitive tools, so that anyone and everyone can use the system and achieve the desired results. Last but not least, they have introduced very sophisticated and visually interactive Human Anaytics tools, so that the organizations can understand their employees better in order for the management to make better strategic decisions.

So, what is WorkforceGrowth's goal? Well, simply speaking they want to provide a cost-effective and highly intuitive system for any organization to help "Build and Foster a Productive Culture". As of today, there are hundreds of companies already evaluating and using their system, and many more are intrigued by their offering and signing up every day. Therefore, I will suggest managing your key employee challenges by taking a test drive of their product at (First month free trial and only $4/month/employee afterwards) and see the results for yourself!

WorkforceGrowth Team: This is just the beginning, stay tune for more innovative features down the road.

About WorkforceGrowth
Today's workplace is not about performing simple trivial tasks in isolation, but it is a combined and collaborative effort to achieve greatness. Now, companies may adopt great tools to push employees to collaborate, but true collaboration only happens when people connect, not computers.

WorkforceGrowth was launched in the fall of 2010 with a vision to help companies and teams work better not only by sharing tasks or documents but also by helping each other grow. At WorkforceGrowth, we want to help companies foster a culture of recognition, support and feedback. We are not in the business of managing talent or resources rather enabling people in your company to do amazing things, together.

A successful team beats with one heart.

# # #

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About provides Software as a Service (SaaS) based Employee Performance, Culture and Goals Management tools.

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