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Press Release Category Business - Human Resources - Mustard Seed Investments, Inc. Release Date: December 16, 2005

Which Leadership Skills Do Today's Professionals Need?

By Mustard Seed Investments, Inc.
December 16, 2005
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Finding leadership skills training courses for upwardly-mobile, time-pressured people is a daunting challenge. Serving up leadership training for busy professionals and entrepreneurs who need to improve their skills while making meaningful contributions to business results, demands flexible designs of leadership skills training courses.
Today, Leadership-Toolkit.Com, a leadership training provider, announced an update to their top five "must-haves" for people who need to lead.

PR9.NET December 16, 2005 - Pueblo, Colorado - Major competencies top the list of leadership skills training course "must-haves" as reported by a diverse group of professionals, executives, managers and entrepreneurs. These leadership skills training needs were compiled through the survey responses of 3247 knowledge workers and professionals from around the world.

Respondents were asked to identify their leadership skills training preferences according to their need to face 5 common workplace challenges. "We wanted to learn what content real employees, managers and directors thought they needed from leadership skills training courses. We feel confident that their responses reflect their honest opinions about leadership skills training courses", says Bill Thomas, Managing Principal, of Mustard Seed Investments, Inc.

"Entrepreneurs, analysts, CEOs and CFOs, IT and computer specialists, HR managers, educators and consultants, manufacturing supervisors, engineers, sales and account support personnel, healthcare and financial planning services professionals and many more job classifications participated in our survey", reports Mr. Thomas.

The top five leadership skills training course areas, as indicated by the http://www.Leadership-Toolkit.Com survey takers:

1. Would you like to learn how to - 42% reported they wanted to "become a better leader", 39% said they needed to "be a leader"

2. How would you like other people to see your leadership style - 58% hoped people would view them as "solution-providers", 36% wanted to be seen as "being confident"

3. If you could do just one thing to improve your effectiveness, what would you do - 69% reported they needed to improve their "leadership skills", 22% said, "improve their leadership behaviors"

4. What's the most important trait needed for leadership - it was nearly a tie between "being an Inspirer" and "being a Nurturer", with nurturing edging out inspiration by a mere 2 percentage points

5. Which skill should a leader be strongest in - 46% stated "creative thinker", while 41% responded "strategic planner"

"The good news for people who have to find, pay for and invest their own time in leadership skills training courses is this - there are affordable, convenient alternatives out there that can provide them with the personal attention, private workspace and coaching support that will transform their educational experiences into successful outcomes", adds Mr. Thomas.

About Leadership-Toolkit.Com
http://www.Leadership-Toolkit.Com is a leadership skills training course service. Established in 1998, Mustard Seed Investments, serves commercial, non-profit and individual clients in 75 countries by providing training, publishing, consulting, engineering and management services.

Contact Bill Thomas for more on this topic.
Direct line: (973) 519-1902
Email: editor at Leadership-Toolkit.Com

# # #

Download PDF Version Download PDF Version:
Which Leadership Skills Do Today's Professionals Need?

Contact Information of Mustard Seed Investments, Inc. Contact Information of Mustard Seed Investments, Inc.
Phone +1-719-544-9949
Address 140 West 29th Street, PMB-161
Pueblo, Colorado 81008 USA

About Mustard Seed Investments, Inc.

Established in 1998, Mustard Seed Investments, Inc., serves commercial, non-profit and individual clients in 75 countries by providing training, publishing, consulting, engineering and management services.

Mustard Seed Investments manages an affiliate program where Business & Non-profit Operators earn 30% on direct sales, 10% on Co-affiliate sales & payments for qualified leads. For more details, visit:

Contact Info:
Mustard Seed Investments, Inc.
Phone: +1-719-544-9949
Postal: 140 West 29th Street, PMB-161
Pueblo, Colorado 81008 USA

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