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Press Release Category Business - Human Resources - swiftpro Ltd Release Date: June 09, 2005

In a Swiftpro world recruitment software is here to help

By swiftpro Ltd
June 09, 2005
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Swiftpro CVPlus Visual advanced recruitment software resolves the recruiter's dilemma of being inundated by CVs/resumes after posting job advertisements online.

PR9.NET June 09, 2005 - The explosion of Internet job boards has brought numerous benefits to the recruitment market, such as reduced advertising costs, enormous time savings and shorter time to placement. However, just as job boards have solved many problems they have also created new issues and challenges. It is true that online job advertising is faster, cheaper and more responsive than the print-based alternatives. In fact, on average, a recruitment agency can expect upwards of 150 responses to an online job advertisement.

Although building a substantial applicant database is central to creating a successful agency, it is easy to see how consultants can find themselves inundated by CVs/resumes that need to be screened and entered on to their system. This can effectively cancels out many of the cost and time savings mentioned. One way of resolving or mitigating the dilemma is to place more targeted job advertisements on niche rather than general job boards. Your applicant response rate will fall, usually by two-thirds, while the quality and suitability of candidates will rise. At the same time, you will still have 40 to 50 CVs/resumes to process.

CVPlus Visual recruitment software transforms imported CVs into fully skilled new applicant records automatically, including name, address, employment history, skills and qualifications. What's more, each time the applicant sends a CV/resume, it is saved in the original CV/resume folder and can be viewed by date. Consultants can create up to nine versions of a CV/resume ready to send to clients at a keystroke.

Because of the overwhelming number of responses that job boards receive on behalf of their clients, they are forced to rely on software to screen applicants, which often use mechanical filters to cut down the number of CVs/resumes. In most cases these applications perform adequately enough for first round screening purposes. Nevertheless the use of such software often ends up screening out a number of suitable candidates unnecessarily, as it lacks the sophistication to make such important recruitment decisions. Similarly, most high street recruitment agencies use some sort of desktop software to search and match candidates with jobs or clients, often with the same results.

CVPlus Visual recruitment software offers a wide range of facilities to help recruiters find the information they need quickly and efficiently. All of these advanced search facilities can be used throughout the application on all different types of client, job and applicant information.

CVPlus Visual offers recruiters superior search and match capabilities that allow them to search any combination of keywords, free text, post codes, and random data fields using a single form. If a recruitment consultant finds themselves pressed for time or they have a temporary job that must to be filled urgently then they can use the Match function. This instantly produces a list of applicants matched against the job's requirements by identified skills, and it does it automatically.

Having run a search, CVPlus Visual allows consultants to save their results in a shortlist folder of applicants. They can then work through this shortlist folder, make some calls and flag those candidate records they wish to reject immediately, consider further, or send the applicant's CV/resume to the client. CVs/resumes can be sent to a client with the appropriate cover letter by email, fax and mail directly from within the application.

For more information visit or download a fully functional evaluation copy of CVPlus Visual at and type in CVPlus in the search field at the top of the page.

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Contact Information of swiftpro Ltd Contact Information of swiftpro Ltd
Phone +44 (0)8780 873 1270
E-Mail E-mail Address Protected
Address 2 Warner Hse, Harrovian Business Village, Bessborough Road, Harrow, HA1 3EX, UK

About swiftpro Ltd

As a leading provider of recruitment software and integrated services since 1991, Swiftpro has established a reputation for flexible, innovative and competitively priced business solutions that meet your company's exacting needs. More recently, demand has led Swiftpro to expand into recruitment web design, CV formatting and data entry services, in partnership with our wholly own subsidiary based in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Swiftpro combines industry knowledge and technical expertise to keep your business ahead of the competition. Evolving as your business needs change, our leading edge CVPlus Visual recruitment software and integrated services drives down your operating costs, increases productivity and optimises use of valuable resources, creating more time for you pursue new business, win more clients and place more candidates than ever before.

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