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Press Release Category Business - Financial - GreenWorld (BVI) Release Date: July 25, 2011

GreenWorld (BVI) to Offer Unique Timber and forestry Investments and Farmland Investments to Retail Investors

By GreenWorld (BVI)
July 25, 2011
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Adding "Hard Assets" such as timber investments and farmland investments to a portfolio has historically been limited only to large investors. GreenWorld (BVI) has found a way to bring timber and farmland investments directly to retail individuals.

PR9.NET July 25, 2011 - London, UK - As commodity prices have skyrocketed recently, major global institutional investors have been investing heavily in "hard assets" such as farmland and forestry. A May 31, 2011 article in the UK's Guardian newspaper, for example, counted 51 farmland investment deals in Africa by western institutions involving biofuel production from crops.

GreenWorld (BVI) believed that there was a glaring gap in the market, with large institutions able to access assets such as timber and farmland directly, whilst retail investors could not due to the high minimum requirements for these types of investments. GreenWorld (BVI) has now found a unique method to offer forestry investments and farmland investments directly to individuals. The company's strategy involves pooling a number of individual investors' capital together to purchase large parcels of farmland or timberland, and then divide it into individual parcels owned directly by retail investors.

Although GreenWorld (BVI) is a new company, they hope to capitalize on individual investors’ desire to own tangible investments such as timber or farmland in their portfolios, whilst simultaneously aligning themselves with green, environmentally friendly best practices in the investment industry.

GreenWorld (BVI) currently offers the following opportunities to investors:

1) Timber and forestry Investments
2) Farmland Investments
3) Green Renewable Energy Investments
4) Hotel Investments
5) Carbon Credit Investments

For more information, contact:

Josh Cohn
GreenWorld (BVI)

# # #

Contact Information of GreenWorld (BVI) Contact Information of GreenWorld (BVI)
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About GreenWorld (BVI)

GreenWorld (BVI) a firm that specializes in alternative, “green” investments that allow our clients to access forestry and timber investments, farmland investments and other green investments directly. We focus on bringing "hard asset" investment opportunities directly to individual investors.

GreenWorld (BVI) currently offers the following opportunities to individual investors:

• Timber Investments
• Farmland Investments
• Green Energy Investments
• Hotel Investments
• Carbon Credit Investments

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