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Press Release Category Business - Financial - Millionaire Mindset Secrets Release Date: August 09, 2010

Creating Wealth – 7 Insider Secrets of Wealth Creation

By Millionaire Mindset Secrets
August 09, 2010
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The latest insider secrets to creating wealth and financial freedom have now been released by Keeks Cunningham's in his newly published: "Creating Wealth - 7 Insider Secrets of Wealth Creation"

PR9.NET August 09, 2010 - Many people dream of living a life with no financial worries but few free themselves of the shackles of their 9-5 day jobs. In his article, Keeks Cunningham talks about the 7 important factors we need to recognize so we can be successful in creating wealth.

Keeks Cunningham says that rarely will people be interested in creating wealth purely for the sake of having it. "Frequently", explains the author, "it's because they want a cushion of prosperity so they don't have to worry about making ends meet." According to Keeks some people want to build up their net worth in order to be assured of a comfortable retirement later in life whilst others simply want to be able to provide for their children's expensive education! "Whatever the reason", says Keeks, "there are 7 things you need to know to be successfully creating wealth in your life."

Defining What "Wealth Creation" Means To You
The wealth expert points out that when you think about creating wealth in your life, you need to consider what it is that you are trying to achieve. "Are you talking about having money or are you talking about acquiring assets and building net worth? If it's money, how much money do you want and when?" asks Keeks. And he continues pointing out that in reality wealth creation is focused on building net worth through the leveraging of capital. "Assets minus liabilities (debt) equal net worth. Most wealthy people don't have piles of money sitting around in bank accounts. They are in fact often asset rich, cash poor! They have capital assets such as companies, real estate, stocks etc., working for them, building capital", explains the author

Don't Try to Earn Your Way to Wealth
According to the financial success expert, "creating wealth doesn't happen by working harder, longer, faster. Sure, you kinda have to work hard to get to the point where you're rich enough not to have to work hard. But the truth is, you will never create wealth by holding down a 9-5 job alone. You cannot earn your way to wealth", assures Keeks, warning that "You will eventually burn out from working too hard." Keeks explains that the greatest wealth gets made from a capital base and is not "earned". He advises that outside of our day jobs we should focus on building net worth by putting aside money we have earned and use it as capital so that it now works for us!

Learning How to Leverage Time, Talent & Money
Creating wealth requires capital and leverage. If you don't have the money then you need to use your talents to persuade the bank to lend you some. Money becomes capital once it is used for investment purposes. Creating wealth will require entrepreneurial spirit and talent to create something of value in the marketplace. This could be a profitable business or a real estate portfolio. "One important wealth creation ingredient is to ensure you are also building opportunity for others along the way", says Keeks, "this is the secret ingredient that will help you become enormously successful and create massive wealth".

Building a Winning Team
"No man is an island. You simply cannot create wealth in isolation." says Keeks. In his publication, the author emphasizes that it doesn't matter whether you are selling products or providing a service you eventually will need a team of people around you to deliver on your business plan. Cunningham advises that one should only work with people one likes, respects and trusts. This principle goes for employees, professional advisors and even clients or customers and works both ways. "If you don't like the people around you, you might need to start taking a look at yourself and correct some of your own shortcomings in order attract the right kind of people into your business and personal life", points out the expert.

In his latest release Keeks Cunningham also speaks about the Willingness to Invest and Take Calculated Risks, Knowing How to Borrow Money, and Playing Your Own Game in the world of successful entrepreneurs.

More revealing wealth creation strategies and financial advice that can really change lives can be found at the daily updated website of the author:

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Download PDF Version Download PDF Version:
Creating Wealth – 7 Insider Secrets of Wealth Creation

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