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Press Release Category Business - Financial - Millionaire Mindset Secrets Release Date: July 20, 2010

Millionaire Mindset Success Secrets Revealed

By Millionaire Mindset Secrets
July 20, 2010
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Oops, he did it again! More revealing insights on How to Get Rich & Creating Wealth freely shared in Keeks Cunningham's blog:

PR9.NET July 20, 2010 - Ever wondered what wealthy people do that's so different? How is it that some people are so successful and others aren't? Keeks Cunningham, entrepreneur and founder of, shares his answers to these fundamental questions freely in his blog:

According to Keeks, one of the major mistakes many of us make is taking advice from amateurs. Cunningham advises: "Unless Your Parents are Rich…Don't Do What They Did.". He questions "Why would you take advice from someone on a subject they have no knowledge of?" According to Keeks we should take advice only from 1. Someone we admire and; 2. Someone who is an expert in the area they are advising us on. "As you begin to adopt the beliefs and habits of successful people you will realize that a lot of what you learned growing up unfortunately wasn't very useful in helping you to create wealth. " says Cunningham.

Cunningham continues suggesting that the process of getting rich needs to be approached in the same way you would approach the mastering of a musical instrument. It takes practice, patience and commitment. He advises to "start early on the road to money mastery and become an apprentice, learning only from the best. By learning the tools, strategies and skills needed for managing money you will become richer, faster." A major requirement in this wealth building process according to Keeks is discipline: "Mastery requires discipline and patience, essential skills in true wealth creation. Leave your emotions on the sideline and practice discipline. The more disciplined you are the faster you will become wealthy and the wealthier you will become."

A possibly contentious but interesting point Cunningham makes is that of the one of "Faking It Until You Make It". The entrepreneur explains that, "If you're not already a millionaire, why not start behaving like you already are one! Why is this important? Cunningham explains, "It stands to reason that if you act and think like a millionaire you will become one. I'm not advocating spending money you don't have or lying to yourself," says Keeks, "but I am suggesting you adopt the behaviours and mindset of the wealthy in order to become wealthy yourself."

An important point that get rich quick merchants don't usually talk about is the idea of follow-through and commitment. Cunningham has a different take on the process of becoming rich. He puts forward the idea that it requires you to get in line, and staying in line. "Getting rich is a bit like this: you toil away for years and then suddenly you are wealthy. Don't flit back and forth from one thing to another." says the experienced entrepreneur. He urges you to, "find you're niche and get to the back of the line and stay there until you get to the top of the line. Most people don't do this but skip out of line and then have to go to the back of the line again. Then again most people aren't rich!"

A bit of showbiz is the key to success in everything we do, suggests Keeks. "There is no business like show business…When you walk into a room full of people do you crawl along the wall or do you make for the centre of the room and grab attention." The entrepreneur believes that attention always turns into money. "After all, isn't that what celebrities do?" he asks. His concluding piece of advice is this: "Add a bit of show business to everything you do and the money will follow."

More of Cunningham's how to get rich and wealth creation secrets are revealed when you subscribe through his website:
About – you will discover how to get rich and create lasting wealth. The website gives you instant access to wealth creation strategies in real estate, the stock market, business, the Internet etc. Sign up is free.

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About Millionaire Mindset Secrets

About – you will discover how to get rich and create lasting wealth. The website gives you instant access to wealth creation strategies in real estate, the stock market, business, the Internet etc. Sign up is free.

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