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Press Release Category Business - Financial - LawMax Release Date: August 09, 2006

Best Services for Wrongful Death Settlement

By LawMax
August 09, 2006
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The leading provider of lawsuit funding, such as lawsuit cash advances against pending wrongful death settlement cases, is LawMax.

PR9.NET August 09, 2006 - New York, NY –A wrongful death settlement is the compensation paid to the family of a person who dies as the result of another party's negligence. In a wrongful death case, the dependents or beneficiaries of a person killed as a result of another person's (or business's or government agency's) negligence or actions file a lawsuit to seek compensation for the loss of the victim's life. The emotional effects on the family of the victim, as well as the financial repercussions of the death, are key factors in the amount of the final settlement.

When the victim of wrongful death was the sole source of income for the family (as in the case of a working father and stay-at-home mother) or a major contributor of income for the family (as in the case of a working father and mother, and one of them dies), the compensation for the wrongful death must account for the remaining lifetime earning potential of the victim. That amount can be substantial, and the lump sum payment is often invested so it produces a steady stream of income for the family for many years.

However, the lump sum payment for a wrongful death is not paid until the wrongful death case is either settled by both parties to the lawsuit, or the plaintiff or plaintiffs win their case in court. While a settlement can sometimes be reached in a matter of weeks, it can often take several months. If the plaintiffs find themselves going to court, a resolution could even take years!

What do plaintiffs in a wrongful death lawsuit do for money while they wait for the resolution of their claim? If the victim of the wrongful death was a breadwinner, what does the family do to replace that person's income while they wait months–or maybe even years–for the case to settle? How does the family of a wrongful death victim pay their mortgage or rent, make car payments, buy groceries, and cover other living and household expenses?

The solution for many plaintiffs in wrongful death lawsuits is to take a non-recourse advance against the proceeds of their lawsuit. Several terms are used to describe such an advance, including pre-settlement funding, litigation financing, legal finance, lawsuit funding or lawsuit advance.

The leading provider of lawsuit funding, such as lawsuit cash advances against pending wrongful death cases, is LawMax ( Plaintiffs can either call LawMax directly at 877-788-CASH to apply for an advance over the phone, or they can visit and apply on-line. Applying for an advance against the proceeds of a wrongful death lawsuit–or a personal injury, automobile accident, industrial or premises accident, products liability, medical malpractice or similar lawsuit–is not only easy, it is also free. There are no application fees or other up-front charges.

Once a plaintiff has applied for a lawsuit advance, LawMax contacts the plaintiff's attorney to request the documentation it needs to evaluate the request for pre-settlement funding. Unlike a conventional loan, however, the applicant's credit and employment histories are not a factor. And unlike a conventional loan, there are no monthly payments. The advance is paid back, plus accumulated fess, from the proceeds of the final recovery once the wrongful death lawsuit is resolved. Finally, lawsuit advances are non-recourse. That means that the advance only has to be repaid when the plaintiff either wins the case in court or reaches an out-of-court settlement. Should the plaintiff lose his or her case and fail to reach a wrongful death settlement with the defendant, the advance with all accumulated fees does not have to be repaid!

Once LawMax has the documentation it needs, it usually makes a funding decision in just 48 hours. Once a client is approved, LawMax sends the contract for the lawsuit advance to the plaintiff's attorney. The plaintiff must sign the contract and the plaintiff's attorney must acknowledge it since it is the attorney who will administer repayment of the advance when the proceeds of the settlement are disbursed.

LawMax helps plaintiffs of a wrongful death lawsuit–as well as victims of personal injury cases such as medical malpractice, products liability, industrial accidents, automobile accidents, and slip and fall incidents–avoid financial ruin by providing needed cash to them months or years before their cases settle. Visit to learn more about LawMax and how pre-settlement lawsuit funding works

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Contact Information of LawMax Contact Information of LawMax
Phone 212-480-3707
FAX 212-480-3674
E-Mail E-mail Address Protected
Address 459 Columbus Avenue, Suite 299, New York, New York 10024, USA

About LawMax

We are one of the premier providers of lawsuit financing and lawsuit advances.

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