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Press Release Category Business - Financial - FranTech International Licensing, Inc. Release Date: January 10, 2006

UnifiedMarket Signs Worldwide Agreement With FranTech

By FranTech International Licensing, Inc.
January 10, 2006
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UnifiedMarket Signs Worldwide Agreement With FranTech To Market Their Financial Information Exchange Network in 220 Countries

PR9.NET January 10, 2006 - VENTURA, California. – UnifiedMarket, Inc. / UnifiedMarket Worldwide, LLC (UnifiedMarket) signed a non-exclusive agreement with FranTech International Licensing, Inc. (FranTech), of Ventura, California, which grants FranTech the right to market UnifiedMarket's Financial Information Exchange Network through FranTech's network of agents in 220 countries to governments, institutions and brokers around the world.

The company explained that the UnifiedMarket's Financial Information Exchange Network is uniquely suited to meet the needs of most countries. It deals with securities, unlisted securities, with illiquid listed securities being the targeted marketplace.

William M. Owens, CEO of UnifiedMarket, said, "We chose FranTech because of their tremendous geographic reach and proven track record in establishing master distributorship agreements. With more than 35 years of experience, FranTech knows international trade policy, law, marketing, investment banking, and technology research. Their broad expertise, coupled with access to key governmental and financial institutes decision makers, provides services uniquely valuable to UnifiedMarket overseas."

The company explained that FranTech's mission is to foster the development of the global economy by providing a global perspective to developers, marketers, manufacturers and innovators on newly emerging and preemptive technologies. They offer world-class solutions for the licensing and transfer of USA and global innovations to emerging economies.

Philip Nadeau, CEO of FranTech, said, "We see a tremendous market worldwide for their Financial Information Exchange Network and already have interest from several countries. We plan on developing brand name recognition and positioning of UnifiedMarket distributorships with many governmental agencies and financial institutes where we already have relationships in place."

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Contact Information of FranTech International Licensing, Inc. Contact Information of FranTech International Licensing, Inc.
Phone (805) 653-5264
FAX (805) 643-4386
E-Mail E-mail Address Protected
Address 2299 East Main Street, Suite 11
Ventura, CA 93001 USA

About FranTech International Licensing, Inc.

FranTech consists of core partners surrounded by interlocking networks of consultants and affiliates in key trading countries and disciplines. They have over thirty-five years of experience with their proven partners. In addition, FranTech has proven track records in assembling, negotiating and consummating trade, licensing, franchising, technological transfer and financial agreements. They pool strengths drawn from experience in international securities and trade policy, insurance, law, marketing, investment banking and technology research. This broad expertise, coupled with access to key governmental and business decision makers, provides services uniquely valuable to their clients in the restructuring global economy.

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