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Press Release Category Business - Financial - FxInfo Release Date: May 01, 2013

First National Innovation Brokers Providing Financing up to US$10 000 000 in the Argentine Real Estate Market

By FxInfo
May 01, 2013
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First National Innovation Brokers Providing Unprecedented Swap and Liquidity Solutions for the Argentina retail market. The collapsing peso has savers scrambling for solutions offered only by FNIB.

PR9.NET May 01, 2013 - The hedge fund prime broker and forex retailer First National Innovation Brokers ( FNIB ) is financing real estate acquisitions in Argentina. The firm offers innovative solutions to the liquidity needs of buyers in opaque markets that lack traditional mortgage options. Local currency risk is often a challenge. seeks to build its own portfolio of properties as opportunities present themselves. Sellers wishing to liquidate assets and take advantage of financial markets in commodities, certificates of deposit, gold certificates, precious metals, forex, bonds and stocks have multiple options at FNIB.

First National innovation Brokers is on the cutting edge of financial engineering and provides services and solutions for the underserved investor and saver. FNIB offers what are essentially banking services to the under banked in illiquid markets. FNIB is also the pioneer in digital currencies and offers ten free Swiftcoins to new comers at

In the money transfer arena, FNIB offers superior value, faster execution and superior customer service at lower fees than behemoths such as Western Union and Paypal and the notoriously unreliable Argentine banks. FNIB serves countries shunned as unprofitable and market sectors poorly served by banks hamstrung by red tape, a poorly motivated labor force and arbitrary currency controls. Galloping inflation and an unstable political climate has the business class increasingly worried. Argentine assets abroad are susceptible to confiscation as the dispute with unpaid bondholder holdouts "the vulture funds" reaches new crescendos in New York courts. There is a significant risk that Argentina will default on its obligations if the court decides in favor of the hedge funds. Notable multi-national firms are closing their operations as the breach between the official exchange rate and the market exchange rate reaches 80% and climbing. The flight to the safety of US dollars seems to have no end as the overall situation deteriorates and the Argentine central bank losses dollar reserves. Finance minister Lorenzino is believed to be on the verge of resigning.

On the bright side, Argentine equities are in a bull market as the peso collapse increases their nominal value in pesos. This, in addition to the rising prices visible at at street level, leaves little doubt which exchange rate is the real one. Many analysts blame Argentine monetary policy for the peso debacle. In addition, Argentine economic data as reported by the government agency INDEC has lost all credibility. Key indicators such as inflation and unemployment are no longer believed. The motivation for fictitious data may be to support inflation rate adjustable Argentine debt as well as domestic political calculations.

First National Innovation Brokers also facilitates the purchase of Argentine bonds in pesos and US dollars for foreign investors. Interest rates are some of the highest in the world. Argentine debt as well as US dollar debt may be held in trust or on the FNIB 1.0 forex trading platform, where gold and silver are also traded.

More financial news and updates as well as live market quotes are freely available at the forex and business news blogs and The latest on electronic currencies can be seen at

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First National Innovation Brokers (FNIB) provides 24-hour secure online forex trading using the most advanced trading tools in the market. With FNIB, you are guaranteed up-to-date forex analysis and charts, practical and professional trading education and tips, and 24/7 live customer support in different major languages.

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