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Business - E-Commerce Press Release Page 32 Business - E-Commerce

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Keeping Track Of Employee Time Has Never Been Easier

Time clocks are used by many businesses and organizations to help keep track of time. Time clocks guarantee, thanks to built-in security features, that the time stamped on a card or other document is correct. These devices are easy to set up, transport and use. - Office Zone, December 20, 2004

Security And Fraud Are Ever-Growing Concerns For Businesses Around The World

Dumpster diving is legal and widely practiced, opening the door to business espionage and stolen identities. Many businesses are protecting their sensitive materials with secure document containers and shredders. - Office Zone, December 13, 2004

Banks League Table for November

Top of the league and best site overall was The Derbyshire Building Society, in second place was Newcastle Building Society. At the bottom of the table representing the poorest site overall again was Britannia.
- SiteMorse Technologies, December 01, 2004

SiteMorse TM research identifies the 2004 online Christmas winners rank highest with best user experience Next and Topshop are named the best performing UK retail brand websites
- SiteMorse Technologies, November 30, 2004

Overcome the Holiday Gift-Giving Humdrum

From Madonna's decision to portray herself on Russian nesting dolls to the "Sights and Sounds of Russia" exhibit at the Troy Community Center in Michigan, Americans seem to be smitten with all things Old World this holiday. As the popularity of Russian nesting dolls and Russian amber jewelry continue to rise, The Russian Store ( is restocking its virtual shelves just in time for the holidays in order to provide shoppers with authentic Russian imports including specialty hand painted, mouth blown, Christmas glass ornaments. - The Russian Store, November 29, 2004 Makes Plans To Treat Both Naughty & Nice This Holiday Season

With all kinds of prizes and surprises in store, unveils it's treats for this holiday season, and yes you guessed it, they have decided to be a little less discerning than Santa. Even those who were naughty this year, are eligible for a treat or two from the discount designer goods and electronics store. - soAvenue Corporation, November 18, 2004

Office Zone Announces New Line Of Office Furniture, Chairs and Workstations is please to introduce a new line of office furniture. The furniture is designed to help purchasers, on a budget, find new furniture they can afford. - Office Zone, November 15, 2004

Online retail sales to soar for companies that improve Search, Promotion and Support, concludes E-consultancy

New user experience research suggests that on average, keyword searches fail to find 57% of products that are actually available on the site via link navigation; pioneering study features analyses of top UK retail sites including Amazon, Argos, Tesco and Figleaves - E-consultancy, November 03, 2004

Digitally Capture Signatures Of Patients, Clients And Customers With A Digital Signature Capture Pad

Signature capture pads digitally capture signatures by use of an electronic pad that sends the signature to a computer in the form of an image - Office Zone, October 27, 2004 Announces New Line Of High-Performance Office Equipment has almost doubled their selection of perfect binding machines with the new Sterling perfect binders. In addition, Sterling has released a new high-capacity paper drill capable of drilling through three-inches of paper. - ABC Office, October 18, 2004

Breakthrough Price, Vehicle Tracking System Under $200

ESITrack H350 is born! A powerful, low cost, and easy installation vehicle tracking system. No need to search further to get quality and price of Vehicle Tracking System, ESITrack H350 is the only answer.
- elitstore dot com, October 13, 2004

Companies And Businesses Can Now Improve Security And Keep Track Of Clients With The Affordable Visitor Photo ID System

Can you visually identify visitors to your building? Stop using a manual visitor logbook and go digital. - ABC Office, October 11, 2004

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