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Business - E-Commerce Press Release Page 28 Business - E-Commerce

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Translation for the global travel industry: attention to detail pays

As the World Travel Market opens in London, with over 50,000 representatives from 190 different countries, what better time to consider how travel and tourism as a sector can best respond to the challenge of communicating internationally and growing overseas markets. Travel and tourism is an inherently international industry, and is already one of the largest online market sectors. But companies in this sector could grow their revenue significantly if they were to address the localisation of products more professionally and market themselves more effectively on the Internet. - Lingo24, November 24, 2005

Lingo24 attracting high quality international talent

Lingo24 is delighted to announce the appointment of three important new additions to its international team who will be based in Scotland, Germany and Romania. All three began work on 14th November and have come through a challenging first week with flying colours. - Lingo24, November 24, 2005

Rags at the American Music Awards

Posh Rags Originals Collection of designer clothing was chosen as one of the unique items for this year's celebrity gift bags at the 33rd annual American Music Awards.

- Posh Rags Originals, November 23, 2005

Keeping A Business Safe Makes Sense

Safety in the office can prevent injury and other issues later down the road. Making a few simple changes to the way a business is run may prevent future injuries. - Office Zone, November 09, 2005

Pioneering organic skin oil promotes skin health and treats the signs of ageing

Natural beauty product pioneer Primavera has launched its revolutionary Intensive Anti Oxidant Skin Oil - Primavera Aromatherapy, October 27, 2005

Young Aussie Internet Agency, IITIS, Just Launched its First-Ever End of Year Treat to the World! Instant E-Business package for internet entrepreneurs wanting to start a home based internet business. - IITIS Pty Ltd, October 26, 2005

Revolutionary natural skin oil launched for anti-aging and therapeutic effects

Natural beauty product pioneer Primavera has launched its revolutionary Intensive Anti Oxidant Skin Oil, a unique blend of vitamin-rich oils for skin cell renewal and improved vitality, suitable for face and body. - Primavera Aromatherapy, October 26, 2005

Ad-Tech Shanghai Adds SEO Expert Stephen Noton to List of Speakers

Ad-Tech announces that SEO expert Stephen Noton will speak on Search Engine Optimization along with high ranking representatives from Net search engine giant, Google. - Internet Advertising Agency, October 16, 2005

Largest European Lingerie Maker Online Store is Live

Milavitsa is a well-known lingerie brand in Europe. Now it comes to the USA and Canada. online store offers the entire range of Milavitsa underwear products. - Vellum LLC, October 06, 2005, an alternative to eBay, a new online auction site, an alternative to eBay, where you can buy, trade or sell auction style. is located in Yamhill, Oregon, having gone live in early August. - Auctionhwy, October 05, 2005

High-Tech Gadgets And Equipment, Once Seen In Spy Movies, Are Now Used In Offices.

You may have seen high-tech gadgets such as retinal scanners or handprint readers while watching movies. You may have thought we were decades away from using these kinds of devices. Many similar products are already available, and on the market now. - ABC Office, October 05, 2005

Dream Enhancement Now a Reality - New Pill Promotes Dream Recall and Makes Dreams More Vivid

Brilliant Dreams launches dream enhancing supplement that improves dream recall, enhances dream vividness, and encourages lucid dreaming. - Brilliant Dreams, October 05, 2005

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