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Business - E-Commerce Press Release Page 10 Business - E-Commerce

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Weak Economy Changing Flashecom's Strategy

In today's battered economy some businesses and individuals are "hunkering down" waiting for the storm to pass. Then there are those like Flashecom that are viewing current economic conditions as an opportunity for growth rather than an obstacle to success. - Flashecom Inc., May 14, 2008 Announces Launch of New Homepage

Stylish Redesign and New Layout Create an Improved Shopping Experience for Consumers. - JS² Communications, May 06, 2008

CashInAffiliates is launching its exclusive Master Affiliate program

CashInAffiliates has built an affiliate program from the ground up that offers a Master Affiliate program. With this master affiliate program a select group of individuals who are accepted to be a master will be able to be paid off of other affiliates. Free enrollment into will be from May 1st – May 10th. - Marketing Pros, May 02, 2008

Rebel Office Supplies becomes Worldwide office supplies retailer online office supplies store becomes popular outside of United Kingdom. - Rebel Office Supplies, April 24, 2008

The Spiritual Entrepreneur Now Available as a FREE Ebook!

Robert Morgen's new book 'The Spiritual Entrepreneur' (ISBN: 978-0-9790400-3-0) is now available as a free Ebook. The goal of the Spiritual Entrepreneur Project is to provide tools and resources to help spiritual teachers, healers, authors and speakers bridge the gaps between spirituality and money and spirituality and business. - New Paradigm Media, April 19, 2008

Shenoa & Company Pushes the Envelope with Great Selection and Service

Online diamond wholesaler Shenoa & Company is pulling out all the stops in their pursuit to become one of the leaders in the online jewelry industry. - Shenoa&Company, April 16, 2008

Shenoa & Company's Client Care Program-Shines Brighter Than Their Diamonds

Diamond wholesaler Shenoa & Company is on the fast track to becoming an industry leader in jewelry sales online. - Shenoa&Company, April 09, 2008

Diva Boutiques Re-Launches is turning into the online retailer for very chic, designer inspired, unique handbags, shoes, and trendy accessories. We are proud to announce the successful worldwide re-launching of our re-designed website. Our website has been described by one of our Diva Boutiques customers as "Chic, Glamorous, and the best internet boutique to buy all your accessories in one place." - Diva Boutiques, April 03, 2008 Online Memorials Announces Lucrative Affiliate Program

Earn Additional Income. Make Money by Promoting on Your Website, Blog, Directory, FaceBook, MySpace or Other Web Pages. - CemeterySpot, Inc., April 02, 2008

Unique Member-Centric Site Delivers Global Reach with Maximum Returns is unique member-centric website which allows users to buy, sell, trade, lease and even donate goods and services for free. - UZAP, March 28, 2008

Wind Power Now Available for Every Home

Freetricity releases an affordable micro-wind turbine that turns your electric meter backward. - Freetricity, March 20, 2008

The Truckers Alternative to the eBay Behemoth

Finally someone is listening to the trucking industry. - Truck-Parts-Auction.Com, March 18, 2008

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