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Press Release Category Business - E-Commerce - blingqueenfashionz Release Date: February 10, 2009

Against All Odds: a Story of Survival and Personal Triumph

By blingqueenfashionz
February 10, 2009
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Back in 1984, I relocated from Italy to the U.S. after divorcing a wealthy man, asking nothing more of him than just my freedom and my young daughter. I had a few challenges, but my wish was eventually granted, though that was just the beginning of long series of challenges in this country.

PR9.NET February 10, 2009 - I started my business, Anna Moda, in spite of not knowing well the English language, the Southern California Freeway system and American culture in general. I started that business in January 1985, a fashion jewelry wholesale business. Truth be told, I had absolutely no clue how to start, what to do; however, one must start somewhere and the need for survival gives you AMAZING inner and physical strengths. I started my biz with very a modest amount of fashion jewelry inventory bought in Italy from a friend of mine, Eduardo Cipullo, a great designer whose brother was the celebrated Aldo Cipullo, designer for Cartier Jewelers. With my sample line wrapped in a plastic grocery bag, I ventured out into the streets and onto the freeways of Southern California, knocking at the door of any boutique I could find. My daughter, Maria, was in school and her lunch was prepared in the car. We lived in a small motel, making sure that every day by 3:00pm I'd go pick her up from school! No room to get lost, no room to make mistakes. Then we would go back to the motel where Maria would do her homework while I'd prepare the Fashion Jewelry line for the next day. Back then, women here in this country were wearing small pearl earrings, dainty pearl necklaces. I brought in big Swarovski jewelry hoops and torchon necklaces with large, bold clasps. Out of curiosity and intrigued by these beautiful new designs, boutiques were buying and selling them just as fast. I was saving every penny I made and went to Italy every 3 months to purchase small quantities of jewelry to re-sell here. Flying in and out sometimes in a 3-day span! My daughter Maria and I would drive down 2nd Street in Long Beach and our "FUN" time was just scouting for boutiques: Maria would write down the names and I would follow up the next day while she was in school.

I then rented a tiny studio apartment in Huntington Beach: no TV, a mattress on the floor at night to sleep on which during the day would be hidden in the closet. To make a long story short, within one year I had upgraded to a one-bedroom apartment, and then three months later a two-bedroom, sparsely furnished with minimal but tasteful furniture. Eventually, I ended up purchasing a condo. That in itself is a chapter in my life I shall never forget.

The dollar was strong back then, therefore profit margins were great. However, I found out about Providence, Rhode Island, and learned that 90% of all fashion jewelry was produced there: I booked my flight to a new world, designing my own collection and selling to major department stores such as Nordstrom, Parisian, Sacks Fifth Avenue, Marshall Fields, Dayton Hudson, etc. I bought my first REAL home, with REAL furniture, TV in every bedroom! I was doing it and I was doing it well. My design caught the attention of Rita Ryack and John Dunn, costume designers for Sharon Stone. That resulted in my being hired to accessorize the movie "CASINO".

In conclusion, I have been in the biz of fashion jewelry wholesale for 26 years now, most recently even venturing into e-commerce with my new baby venture, My daughter is now married and has a 2 year old baby boy. Moral of the story is that if I did it, then ANYONE can! I have no fancy degrees, but I do have an M.S. (Masters of Survival) and you know what? I survived in style!

# # #

Contact Information of blingqueenfashionz Contact Information of blingqueenfashionz
Phone 702 257 9268
FAX 702 257 9285
E-Mail E-mail Address Protected
Address 331 Angels Trace Ct
Las Vegas, NV 89148

About blingqueenfashionz is a high-end fashion jewelry site with a flash of luxury gifts at affordable prices. What makes this company really unique is the owner, Ms. Anna De Chiricco. She is innovative and always involved in many upscale events ranging from charity work to the entertainment related industry. A woman who loves to change the many hats she wears. She is unpredictable. She is the BLING QUEEN.

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