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Press Release Category Business - E-Commerce - AssetTrader Release Date: November 04, 2008

Take A Walk On The Web Side

By AssetTrader
November 04, 2008
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If the credit crunch is posing a strain on your business, perhaps it's time to turn to the online used market. AssetTrader explains why and how.

PR9.NET November 04, 2008 - In this age of credit crunch and general economic mayhem, the market is undergoing a transformative process in terms of demand/supply, prices of raw and manufactured material and geography of the participants involved. For instance, the rising cost of steel is posing a strain on those companies that do not have significant budget for the purchase of new equipment, particularly start-ups and SMEs. According to research done by website, prices of steel are going up due to increased Chinese consumption, raw material shortages, insufficient shipping capacity, and general infrastructure inadequacy to sustain a global market. Consequently, brand name manufacturers like Caterpillar, Deere and Manitowoc are putting up prices on new equipment to recoup these extra costs.

Does this mean unavoidable financial hardships for small-to-medium businesses and new ventures? Not necessarily. In fact, the time couldn't be better to see some big returns on your assets by selling your used equipment online, thus generating some extra cash for your company. If you utilize the full force of the internet as a virtual shop front to sell the items you no longer need, or need very rarely, your own inventory will turn into an untapped source of cash.

Growing concern over online selling frauds is increasingly shifting corporate attention from online auction websites, which were very popular until a few years ago, to B2B portals that use a vetting process to protect their customers against dishonest traders, who sell stolen items or perform scams. Companies like AssetTrader allow you to sell your used assets and buy/upgrade your equipment at the same time, making sure you stay safe without wasting time. AssetTrader has made the trading process extremely user-friendly by assigning you a dedicated account manager who will process your requirements, upload your items' pictures, verify sale leads manually and create an online profile for your business. In this way, you will reach a global audience of millions who visit AssetTrader's multilingual websites every day.

This is how you can make use of the internet to sell the items you no longer need:

• First of all, pick up a digital camera and take a walk around your construction site, manufacturing plant, farm, depot or garage. Take pictures, make a list of the equipment that hasn't seen the light of day for a few years, and another list of equipment that you would say you use less than 40% of the time. If you want, you can also write a wish list of equipment that you have had your eye on for sometime.

• Now, price-up the items or assets you want to offload. This is a lot easier than it sounds. While the companies that deliver this service will usually do it for a fee, AssetTrader is currently working on a reliable pricing database, based on the same format as AutoTrader but specifically designed for agricultural and construction equipment.

• Finally, call AssetTrader and speak to one of the account managers. They will ask you about what you want to sell and for how much. They will collect pictures and pricing info and do the rest for you.

Kelvin Pollard, team leader and senior customer account manager for AssetTrader, explains: "I see myself as a link between the not-so-technical customer and the highly technical team we have here, which can set-up a virtual online shop for your company and your equipment. I might spend 10 minutes or half an hour with you on the phone finding out what sort of stock you have and what you want to do with it exactly, and then we do the rest."

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Take A Walk On The Web Side

Contact Information of AssetTrader Contact Information of AssetTrader
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FAX +44 207 485 2544
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Address Ground Floor
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London NW1 9JX

About AssetTrader

About AssetTrader

With over 5000 registered users, AssetTrader is a leading online trading hub for used and new business equipment. It holds a regularly updated inventory of agricultural, manufacturing and construction machinery available for sale from major dealers and private sellers through to original equipment manufacturers. Headquartered in London, UK, AssetTrader brings together traders from the USA, Europe, Latin America and Asia.

For more information on AssetTrader, please visit

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