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Press Release Category Business - E-Commerce - Pure Verticals, Inc. Release Date: January 03, 2008

Pure Verticals' Announces Breakthrough eProcurement to Virtual Community (e2VC) Platform

By Pure Verticals, Inc.
January 03, 2008
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Pure Verticals' e2VC platform is a breakthrough in eProcurement (B2B marketplace/Exchange) and virtual community revenue opportunities, allowing businesses the unique ability to directly sell and advertise their products and services to external virtual communities.

PR9.NET January 03, 2008 - San Francisco, CA - Pure Verticals ( recently filed for patent protection for its new ground-breaking eProcurement to Virtual Community Platform (e2VC). The e2VC platform is a breakthrough in B2B marketplace and virtual community revenue opportunities, allowing businesses the unique ability to directly sell and advertise their products and services to external virtual communities, such as social networks, online gaming communities, virtual worlds and the like, in a highly targeted and controlled manner. Pure Verticals also announced today that the e2VC beta will be available to businesses and consumers in the first quarter of 2008.

eProcurement sites, also called B2B marketplaces and exchanges, have traditionally been environments where businesses gather exclusively to conduct B2B buy/sell transactions. They have broad appeal because they span across all market sectors and industries. From manufacturers to online retailers, all business organizations perform some sort of purchasing function. For all of the merchants and vendors who sell consumer goods and services, once they've procured their goods from the eProcurement site they are forced to leave their business site and sell their goods through external sales channels. e2VC changes all of this.

The e2VC platform is a breakthrough process and technology for supply chain optimization. e2VC allows businesses to assess demand more quickly, which allows for reductions in inventory and improved product availability. Serving horizontal and vertical eProcurement sites alike, e2VC not only automates the entire business procurement process - from requisitioning, approvals and purchase order creation to RFQs, reverse auctions, receiving, inventory, and invoicing - it also provides direct access to vast and highly targeted consumer channels using efficient tools. "The timing for the e2VC platform is perfect as powerful forces fuel the demand for evolved B2B marketplaces and for social networks to define solid revenue streams", says Ariel Wada, co-founder and CEO of Pure Verticals. "We realized early on that our work on the monetization of user-generated content (MUGC) would benefit greatly from providing merchants easy access to virtual communities, so we focused on integration of MUGC with the classic eProcurement functions almost immediately. We are pleased to be launching the MUGC and e2VC platforms in the same quarter, linking "business networks" and "social networks" in a powerful way for the first time", says Wada.

The value of e2VC for all B2B marketplace members is enormous, but for today's approximate 40% of businesses who buy goods within the online B2B marketplace for resale to consumers, e2VC is a gold mine with unlimited growth potential. Using a centralized Web console, merchants now have the ability to take goods they just procured online and to immediately turn them around and, in a highly targeted manner, sell them directly into virtual communities. The e2VC system will attract merchants of all sizes and types; those who buy and sell within the online B2B marketplace and then sell to the virtual communities as well as home-based entrepreneurs who want to use the system's multi-channel sales capabilities. "As more and more small businesses participate, manufacturers and distributors will find a wealth of additional opportunities to serve the marketplace", says Wada.

Virtual communities participate by simply integrating the special e2VC shopping cart, over which the community site owner has complete control, into their online properties. The entire shopping experience is maintained within the community site to ensure community integrity is maintained. For product offerings, site owners have a choice – rely on e2VC's merchant-to-community screening filters or, for greater control, screen all of the incoming seller requests. For example, the site owner of a large horizontal social network with sports-related groups may choose to approve all merchants who are requesting to sell sports products in their site, or the site owner may choose to look at all of the business profiles and statistics before allowing them to sell to the community.

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About Pure Verticals, Inc.

Pure Verticals, Inc. was established by a team on a mission to make vertical social networks not just better, but better in ways which will revolutionize the

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Combining the power of the internet with emerging and adopted media, Pure Verticals provides vertical networks with media distribution outlets which span the

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