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Press Release Category Business - E-Commerce - IITIS Pty Ltd Release Date: December 08, 2005

Make smarter decisions when you start your own web site business

By IITIS Pty Ltd
December 08, 2005
Send SEND Print PRINT Download PDF Version PDF Contact IITIS Pty Ltd CONTACT helps you start your own web site business and makes it a point for you to avoid making the same mistake others are making costing them unnecessary time and money problems.

PR9.NET December 08, 2005 - Tens of thousands of people all around the word will continue to make the same mistake when starting an Internet business. These mistakes include:

1) Paying too much in development costs and fancy designs (wasting cost)
2) Focusing on the unimportant areas of site developments (wasting time)
3) Choosing an inadequate hosting plan (wasting cost and time)

Most first-time clients consulted by us don't do their homework and make the same mistake by getting confused with what they 'want' and what their web site 'should' really have. Literally, we see tens of thousands of hours and dollars wasted every week because people believe that what they 'know' is enough. But when you look at the big picture, we can't really blame them because even some of the so called 'Internet gurus' of today are still making the same mistake despite failing miserably project after project. The difference is, these 'Internet gurus' can afford to loose their money, but we know for a fact that most people don't have this leisure.

The Internet is a place where you can succeed if you are smart about what you do. Most importantly, you need to be smart with your planning, testing and risk-taking. Also, you need to avoid getting carried away with unnecessary business development activity. This you can learn through your own mistakes or other people's mistakes. My best advice is to learn what others have done wrong which is a much more efficient process of learning.

Hopefully, this wake up call will hit those seriously considering a career on the Internet. There is no point making mistakes that can be avoidable. Find a low cost method to test your market before you spend on unnecessary site developments. Expand your knowledge on search engines, and Internet advertising and various topics on growing a business online. And lastly, choose a hosting or technology provider who is a professional and knows exactly what they are doing. There is no point for you to pay for an amateur or to do-it-yourself without any proper direction.

To sum up, do your homework before you start your own web site business and you will succeed. If you discount this, before you know it, you'll be out of pocket, out of time and eventually out of business.

"Believe in the unthinkable to live the achievable." - Matthew Ng

# # #

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About IITIS Pty Ltd

IITIS Pty Ltd is an up and coming client supports oriented full service web, print and IT agency specialising in micro and small Internet businesses. For more info, please visit our website at

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