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Press Release Category Business - E-Commerce - Release Date: July 21, 2005

Afrikool Allies With for Digital Distribution

July 21, 2005
Send SEND Print PRINT Download PDF Version PDF Contact CONTACT announced today that it will distribute the Afrikool Records catalogue in the Weed file format.

PR9.NET July 21, 2005 -, an Independent Content Provider for Shared Media Licensing, announced today that it has entered into agreements with Afrikool Music Production. The deal calls for to distribute the Afrikool catalogue, starting out with six albums. Afrikool's artists include Nicole Collins, Kool International Friends, Jim Savitt, Miko Fukunaga, Inko/ Neido Tribe, 'Sir' Francis and Alain Nkossi Konda.

Through the Weed Service, Afrikool Records can sell their music from their own website, and also embrace peer-to-peer networks as a safe, efficient and secure distribution channel. "We want music fans to be able to reach our catalog of talented and unique artists through a broad range of services, and we are dedicated to expanding access to our content," said Alain Nkossi Konda, CEO/Founder of A.M.P. "We are very excited to be working with Weed and, as it is clear that this alliance will help us connect directly with our audiences and create a more vibrant website which is consistent with the vision we and our partners share for Afrikool's growth well into this 21st Century.

The alliance further's commitment to an openess to diverse musical horizons. "This is an exciting partnership between Afrikool Records and," said Sigmund Elias Holm, Founder of "Alain Nkossi Konda and his team have great experience when it comes to discovering rising stars and developing artistic collaborations between various musical expressions. I look forward to distributing some great Afrikool music through the Weed Service," Holm continued. "The whole point is promoting and selling unique music where the dedicated listeners and fans are. There's a market for every independent label and artist to sell their music from their own website. Why should they direct fans away from their website when they can sell their own music on the spot?"

Weed Files are a legal way to download and share music, buying only what you like after three free listens. The innovating music download service developed by Shared Media Licensing pays 50% of every song sold directly to the artists, and 35% is divided among the ones who share the songs. Whether songs are spread through p2p programs, distributed on sites, emailed etc. it is 100% legal. Songs are free to download and have 3 free listens before you decide whether you want to buy it.

The Afrikool Weed files are available at and at Check out the 2002 John Lennon Songwriting Contest Grand prize Winning track in the 'World' category titled Unconditional Love by Alain Nkossi Konda at this link:

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About Afrikool Music Production

Afrikool is an inclusive international company run by talented and truly gifted artists and industry veterans. Our commitment is to the plight of the human spirit. The majority of major labels fail to understand that there is an untaped market for a new generation of African Afro-pop artists that has consistantly grown over the past few years.

About is a website for artists, dedicated to promote a new revolutionary distribution system for music called Weed, developed by Shared Media Licensing. We join forces with artists to increase their exposure and availability.

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