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Business - Associations Press Release Page 18 Business - Associations

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How to Talk Your Way Out of Trouble at a Major Book Signing Event

What do you do at a major book signing event when you are confronted with a nervous client, an inflamed public relations consultancy – and 500 copies of some other author's book instead of your own? - How To Products Excel, December 10, 2005

I Never Made A Dime From Affiliate Reselling Until...

I never earned a dime from affiliate reselling until a friend let me in on his secret – and now the cash just keeps on rolling in. - How To Products Excel, December 10, 2005

Maximizing Profits for Out-dated Equipment

A key issue for many companies today is cost-effectively disposing of outdated assets while maximizing on the returns. It is especially an issue for those dealing with technology items with short life spans. - Minfotech, December 10, 2005

The Pied Piper of Property Abroad

Who is convincing the masses of U.K. residents to buy property abroad and emigrate? What is creating the biggest exodus of U.K. citizens since our soldiers left to fight the 2nd World War? - releases, December 10, 2005

Are You Sick And Tired Of Fund Raising

Now you can raise all the money your fund raising organization needs – without the hassles of selling frozen pizzas, cookie doug, and all the other useless stuff that people only buy out of obligation. - D&S Crafts and Gifts, December 10, 2005

Investment Property. New Kid in Town

As the frenzie to buy investment property in so called hot location such as Cyprus ,Costa Almeria and Bulgaria. There are a number of wise property investors that are taking advantage of a closely gaurded secret ! - releases, December 10, 2005

With 200,000 USA Jobs Vacant Unemployment Should be No More

One of the UK's leading job boards has partnered with to provide over 200,000 fresh USA Jobs. Leading companies such as Pepsi and the Office Depot are already having great success advertising on the site aswell as the US Military. - Bright Light Media Ltd, December 02, 2005

Selling Ebooks & Digital Products on Ebay Just Got a Whole lot Easier

"Automating the delivery of digital products on Ebay is no longer a wishful thought -- it's a reality," says: Socrates Socratous.

- Niche News Journal, December 02, 2005

Internet Marketing: Out With the Old - In With the New

Most small business owners have, according to one expert, internalized the notion that it would be a waste of their time to issue a press release because nothing they have or will ever do is "newsworthy". Says who? The city editor at your local newspaper? - Fast Track SEOP, December 02, 2005

Can the Competition for Google Rankings Be Circumvented?

If your internet marketing experience is anything like most, you have spent hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars (or hours) trying to get your site to appear on the first page of Google's natural search results and it has yet to appear for any but the most insignificant keyword phrases. Believe it or not, you might have avoided that expense in real dollars and time if you'd taken a dramatically different approach to marketing. - Fast Track SEOP, December 02, 2005

Comprehensive Resources for Small Business Success

Janitorial service companies must manage costs, identify best practices in cleaning and business operations, market their services and keep employees happy. now provides these companies with one-stop, comprehensive resources, support and information to help them do all that and more. - The Janitorial Store, December 02, 2005

IT Cost Control Tools Released

Janco has just released its IT Cost Control Tools. The kit has been developed to meet the needs of enterprises who's IT functions are integral to cost effective operations and profitability. - Janco, December 02, 2005

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