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Business - Associations Press Release Page 17 Business - Associations

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A Recent Internet Poll Shows Most UK Small Businesses Do Not Use Blogging

During a recent internet poll taken over 75% of UK based internet companies stated that they did not currently have a blog on their websites sites. - Crusader Marketing, December 12, 2005

Money Saving Strategy for the Holidays

The holidays can be a stressful time of year. lists a money saving strategy to ease the holiday finance blues. - IP Enterprises, December 12, 2005

Learn The 3 Principles of Successful Leadership

Access to leadership information is critical. This knowledge can transform a good leader into a great leader. Three principles of successful leadership provides a solid foundation for new leaders and a healthy reminder for seasoned veterans. - Performance Connections, Inc., December 12, 2005

A Good Unique Selling Proposition is Gold

Many businesses don't survive the long haul. Do you know the keys to surviving in the marketplace? - IP Enterprises, December 12, 2005

IT ProductivityCenter Releases IT Service Management Template

The IT Productivity Center announced the release of its IT Service Management Template. IT Service Management (ITSM) is defined as part of a rapidly accepted standard of best practices known as IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL). The IT Service Management template joins the IT Productivity Center's CIO and IT Productivity series of tools and templates which include their popular Sarbanes Oxley Compliance Resource Kit and Disaster Recovery Plan Template.
- Janco, December 12, 2005

How Refinancing Could Pay For Christmas

According to a recent consumer survey, the average American family will spend around $1223 on gifts for friends and relatives this Holiday Season. Hovever that same family could have save more than $2700 this year by talking with a mortgage broker and picking up a better mortgage. That's the difference between a holiday season that leaves a big hole in the bank account and a Christmas filled with bigger gifts. - skarliswest, December 12, 2005

Newbie System To Develop Profitable Information Products

Are you looking for a no nonsense way to make money online? If you can read and follow a recipe, then you will love this new system. No matter what the search engines do or don't do, regardless of what new money-making idea comes along, it will continue to work. - Xybercode, December 12, 2005

Property Abroad. Times they are a Changing

Over the last 2 years the majority of property abroad for sale has been pre-construction developments. Especially Spanish property .
Recently the tide has changed. More investors of property abroad are converting back to the way property was purchased before and opting for the traditional property. Which is the better investment right now? Is it the off-plan investment property or the re-sale traditional property abroad?
- releases, December 11, 2005

Spanish property. Bargain of the century

Have you ever said to yourself "Why doesnt it ever happen to me? How come its always someone else that finds the bargain or has a lucky streak? Well your turn has come ! Feast your eye on this Bargain of the century! - releases, December 11, 2005

Amsterdam Printing Exhibition

FESPA will be holding an exhibition for Digital Printing Europe at the Rai in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands from the 16th to 18th of May.
It will feature emerging digital technologies including textiles, glass, and electronics and more. - bridgetallen, December 11, 2005

Boost Forex Trading Profits Using These 3 Simple Guidelines

Forex Trading is exploding accross the United States. However, Forex trading can be risky. There is potential for big losses as well as huge profits. Proper guidance regarding forex trading is vital. - Salesmania Inc., December 10, 2005

Student Credit Card Debt: A Survival Guide for Students

College is the last care free step before real life begins, or at least it should be. Students should be able to go to sleep each night with the only pressing responsibility being the English exam tomorrow morning. - Search For Credit, December 10, 2005

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