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Business - Associations Press Release Page 15 Business - Associations

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Blog Policy Tempate Released

Blog and Personal Web Site Policy Template released - Janco, February 02, 2006

Internet service provider establishes The Internet Barter Exchange

Internet service provider establishes The Internet Barter Exchange to provide free optional membership to it's web hosting clients as an added value E-commerce marketing tool. - Internet services, February 02, 2006

Hiring Increses for IT professionals as Janco releases its IT Hiring Kit - Platinum Edition

Janco Associates expanded it IT Hiring Resource Product Line with the release of its IT Hiring Kit Platinum Edition. The kit contains 0ver 200 Internet and IT Job Descriptions as well as the 2006 IT Salary Survey. - Janco, February 02, 2006

Rola Trac Scores Hands Down At Six Nations In Lansdowne Road

A unique product called Rola Trac proved a big winner for ground protection at the start of the Six Nations match in Lansdown Road recently. - Limerick, February 02, 2006

Mario Lemieux Retired as a Hockey player, Jan 24 2006

Mario Lemieux Retired as a player, Jan 24 2006, ending a spectacular hockey career with his entry into the Hockey Hall of Fame - This reminds us fans that we are all getting older to and must retire soon. -, February 02, 2006

Virtual Assistant Receives Lifeline Award

Jean Hanson, virtual assistant, received the Lifeline Award from Upsize Minnesota Magazine. Business owners were asked to describe the best business lesson they've applied at their company, who helped them learn that lesson, and what impact the lesson had on their business. The business owners and "Lifelines" were given an opportunity to share their story at an event held in Minneapolis. - The Janitorial Store, February 02, 2006

LIVE!™ Group Video Conferencing Adds Whiteboard Capability.

EnergizeTV announced that its web-based group video conferencing product, LIVE!™, has a new interactive whiteboard capability. LIVE!™ enhances team collaborative efforts and corporate profitability. -, January 19, 2006

Pro-Environment, Non-Profit Groups Embrace LIVE!™ Video Conferencing.

Group desktop video conferencing is very attractive to non-profit organizations and environmentally conscious groups who are using the world wide web to communicate their needs globally. -, January 17, 2006

LIVE!™ - Group Video Conferencing for the Budget Conscious

EnergizeTV reports strong usage of LIVE!™, its inexpensive, collaborative video conferencing tool. This low priced group communication system uses the Internet to easily connect with anyone, anywhere. -, January 15, 2006

Home Business Video Conferencing Clicks with Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs love using EnergizeTV's low cost LIVE!™ global video conference system. It showcases their products, expedites business growth, encourages team building and enhances customer service. -, January 14, 2006

Brightbox - A powerful Direct-Marketing TV-Internet combination

Entrepreneurs can now migrate their direct-response marketing campaigns from the Internet to Television using streaming video infomercials as a result of an agreement between IncomeHarvest and Brightbox Inc. -, January 02, 2006

Six Fundraising Ideas For 2006

Looking for tips for your next nonprofit fundraiser? Fundraiser Help provides six great fundraising ideas for maximizing your results in 2006. - Net Sense, LLC, December 28, 2005

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