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Press Release Category Business - Associations - Create-Sun, LLC Release Date: September 27, 2009

5 Steps to Knowing Your Purpose in Life

By Create-Sun, LLC
September 27, 2009
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These 5 steps are designed to give everyone the answers they have so desperately been seeking concerning their purpose in why do they exist and what should they be fulfilling in that existence?

PR9.NET September 27, 2009 - In these pressing economic times everyone is looking for a way to keep their finances stable. When you combine this financial crises with the many individuals who are not happy with their present employment situation there is an even greater unrest that needs to be addressed.

Now enters Anthony K. Wilson, Sr. a man who changed his circumstances for the better by taking the time to figure out what his purpose for existence truly was and thanks to that discovery he is enjoying all the peace, happiness, and financial empowerment one can only dream about. Anthony has spent the last 20 years studying, watching, and testing his own theories on trying to figure out why he was here and what purpose was his life supposes to serve? He has analyzed this data and compiled it into 5 simple steps of discovery.

Anthony started his quest by asking the all important question what was my purpose in life? He knew that everyone who has ever existed has posed this question to themselves in one way or another. This question normally finds its way into our thinking at an early age according to Anthony. If you think back I know you will remember how many times you were asked as a child, "What do you want to be when you grow up"?

This is a very tall order to clarify for most of us who are adults, so one can only imagine how difficult it is for a child to try and answer this question with minimal understanding of all that life has to offer.

Anthony went on to say that as a result we typically end up either picking an occupation based on a family members thoughts or choosing something at random that seems to be important, practical, lucrative, safe, stable, and a whole bunch of words that normally spell dooms day and unhappiness in the long run.

1. You enjoy doing this talent/ability, so much that if money and time was not a concern you would do this thing all day or night.

2. You think this talent/ability is really no big deal, but others around you marvel at how easily, effortlessly, creatively, or effectively you execute this talent/ability.

3. Hours can fly by very quickly when you are doing this talent/ability even though it only seems like a short amount of time has elapsed.

4. Your entire countenance changes, like a kid in a candy store, when you talk about or see anything that relates to this talent/ability.

5. The love and joy of this talent/ability started in your childhood and really became stronger and settled in your being around your early teens. This talent/ability may have evolved in some regard, as you became an adult, yet it has remained a constant in your life. Sometimes this talent/ability is not just one thing, but a host of things that may or may not share any commonality.

Anthony enlightened me by stating if everyone just took the time to ask themselves each of the following steps and begin to write down the information that would be reviled to them through a journal of some type; the details would soon work themselves out. He said, as a matter of fact that it really just takes a little quiet time through meditation along with trusting your subconscious, to reveal each persons reason for being.

Once you finally embrace these 5 steps to knowing you purpose in life; all your lack and struggle will be a thing of the past. Anthony is living proof that once this knowledge is gained and acted upon all that is missing in everyone's lives would be fulfilled. The sheer joy and peace that comes with fulfilling your true purpose in life will generate every imaginable thing you could ever want or need to experience.

# # #

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