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Press Release Category Business - Associations - Release Date: August 05, 2006

Gargantuan New Tech Industry 'CDI' is Next Big Thing

August 05, 2006
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1OmniLink(.com) [Boston, MA / U.S.] has identified an enormous new industry called the Convergence Digital Industry (CDI). As the composite of all things digital, CDI is the world's largest and most powerful industry. The industry is ripe with opportunity, but its shear size and influence also make it very dangerous.

PR9.NET August 05, 2006 - Boston, MA - 1OmniLink [] has identified an enormous new tech industry called Convergence Digital Industry (CDI). The industry is ripe with opportunity, but its dictatorial powers and shear size also make it very dangerous.

As CDI unifies it will succeed the energy and transportation and financial industries groups as the world's largest, wealthiest, and most powerful industrial sector. Essentially representing and supplying for all things digital, CDI's five principal amalgamated industry sectors include:

• Technology (IT sector)
• Telecom (incl. services and [IP/data] transmission infrastructure)
• [Digital] Communications/Content (incl. publishing/media/entertainment)
• Online services (incl. ebusiness, ecommerce, search, and the Internet)
• Consumer electronics

As a single, collective industry, only the oil industry comes close to CDI in size and, more importantly, influence.

Providing and managing the (telecom) infrastructure and (technology) 'intelligence' of greater business, omnipotent and omniscient CDI serves, in effect, as the central nervous system and brain for greater industry. As the key managing industry of business, the Convergence Digital Industry is positioned to become the dominant enterprising force in the world marketplace and global economy. Those who fail to reckon with this behemoth industry risk being consumed by it.

New opportunities and risks alike will abound in the gargantuan, multi-industry CDI marketplace. Over the next ten years, the most money in business - the best jobs, the most lucrative opportunities, the largest enterprises, the biggest deals, and the hottest investments - will be made in CDI. The flip side of this prosperity is that, by virtue of its power, size, and influence, CDI is also potentially an extremely dangerous industry. As CDI pushes forth the next evolutionary stage in business and technology it threatens to overthrow aspects of the current busi-tehno order, displacing many of those who do not adjust. Professionals and companies that do not adapt will not be able to compete and risk extinction.

Gargantuan CDI is managed by a central command element, or CCE, which serves as an operating system of sorts for the industry. 1OmniLink has designed a CCE for CDI called OML-5. The killer application OML-5, in effect, will act as a transition mechanism between the current and a new digital order based on CDI. Properly deployed, OML-5 can potentially uproot many of the current high-tech power houses, telecommunications giants, and media conglomerates, thereby ushering in a new digital dynasty. OML-5 fulfills a real mainstream need, is economical, mass marketable, strategically positioned, and adheres to the rules of the convergence economy. The OML-5 killer app is destined to be the long awaited, fabled, 'next big thing' in business and tech.

Two new books by 1OmniLink, Notebooks of a CDI Sage - An Introduction to the Convergence Digital Industry, and The Secret Diary of a CDI Entrepreneur – Winning the Convergence Digital Industry, provide a foundation to understanding this newly emerged industry including history, players, technologies, opportunities, dangers, strategies, problems, solutions, and more. For a limited time, individuals who submit an essay on a convergence related business topic can qualify to receive book 1, Notebooks of a CDI Sage, free of charge.

Business persons and companies needing to make educated decisions regarding how they will act and react to the emerging Convergence Digital Industry will find the books valuable. The big picture perspective provided is helpful to technology professionals and users, entrepreneurs, investors, venture capitalists, market analysts, business strategists, consultants, marketers, managers, executives, students, and all those whose livelihoods depend on understanding technology and the future of business.

To learn more about CDI go to

Contact: info at

# # #

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About (1O) provides consultation for (Convergence) Digital Industry (CDI) enterprises. The company offers business development consulting, emphasizing strategic planning and specializing in central command element applications for CDI. 1O educates and guides companies, organizations, and professionals with information, business intelligence, analysis, and strategy with respect to CDI related opportunities and dangers, and affords such entities with solutions necessary to compete on the cutting edge of a global digital convergence economy.

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