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Press Release Category Business - Associations - Max Impact Release Date: February 23, 2006

Aftermath of Midwest Tornadoes Shows Cultural Cohesiveness

By Max Impact
February 23, 2006
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Recent tornadoes in Missouri show how cultures are strengthened by adversity. The Multicultural Business Council has issued this release to show how the experience relates to all cultures.

PR9.NET February 23, 2006 - ROCHESTER HILLS, MI - When tornadoes struck Pettis County, Missouri, last week we received a vivid example of the importance of culture on how we react to situations. According to reporter Chuck Orman of the Sedalia Democrat, Jerry Yoder and family emerged from the farmhouse's cellar to find the second story and room addition were completely destroyed. Extensive rebuilding needed to be done yet their Amish faith doesn't allow for any modern conveniences, such as power tools and machinery.

The Amish culture is well organized and devoted to each other. Soon after the tornado had passed members of the local Amish community began arriving to help in the rebuilding. By Thursday more than 72 unpaid volunteers had repaired the Yoder home and put a new roof on his barn.

This illustration shows the bonds of cultures as exemplified throughout the world by virtually all cultures.

Growing up, Amish children experience an estrangement from non-Amish when they are out in the community because they look different. This experience is shared among Amish children who grow up knowing a sense of unity is instilled that will last forever. When adversity strikes this unity causes the community to band together.

This exemplifies many other cases of cultural unity throughout the world. Having similar past experiences, members of a cultural group find it easy to unite because they have similar feelings how they would like to be treated when in the same situation as those facing adversity.

We see this in generational cultures where the World War II generation comes together in unity over some key issues which are different from those and Generation X. This cohesiveness was also evident after the tsunami in Asia. The world mourned the staggering number of losses, however those with heritage to the region had stronger feelings about the disaster.

In business it is important to recognize cultural cohesiveness among workers and customers. To be effective in the multicultural world we need to understand that situations, products, and services may evoke different reactions based on cultural cohesiveness.

The multicultural leader requires understanding the cultures represented in the communities we serve. The Multicultural Business Council offers workshops and certification in business leadership. As part of their goal to connect cultures through commerce, the organization helps others to recognize that cultures are not just about religion. nationality, or gender. Although these are important cultures, MBC also stresses that business leaders understand generational, sexual preference, economic, physical inventory, and other cultures.

The business leader that has mastered an understanding of cultures is a leader that will propel their organization to the highest degrees of productivity, sales, and profitability.

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Aftermath of Midwest Tornadoes Shows Cultural Cohesiveness

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