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Press Release Category Business - Associations - Release Date: February 02, 2006

Mario Lemieux Retired as a Hockey player, Jan 24 2006

February 02, 2006
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Mario Lemieux Retired as a player, Jan 24 2006, ending a spectacular hockey career with his entry into the Hockey Hall of Fame - This reminds us fans that we are all getting older to and must retire soon.

PR9.NET February 02, 2006 - JT McNaught - President of - is thanking for many exciting years and is congratulating Mario Lemieux, today, on his Retirement from the game of Hockey, at a time when he is young, healthy and financially set to enjoy many more stress-free quality-of-life years.

Mario Lemieux retired as a player of Hockey, January 24 2006, ending his spectacular hockey career with his entry into the Hockey Hall of Fame. - This event reminds us fans that we are all getting older to and must retire soon too. We grew up with Mario Lemieux.

Dedicated fans, followed his career, year after year. Now Mario has retired but these same fans are sentenced to have to work for many more years until they are old and frail, before they can retire.

This is a sad fact of society today. Many working-class wonder how they will ever manage to save that million they are told they need need in the bank, to retire well.

Most citizen's of the modern world have been lead to believe that they must work 30 or more years until pension. Work all the while they are young and healthy until they are old and frail before retiring.

We know that, in order for a jet plane to take off from the runway, that it must reach a speed of 80 MPH, how is is that, in context, society is telling our pilots, to only aspire to reach a top speed of 79 MPH, hence our plane will never take off and will most likely crash and burn at the end of the runway? "How can this mind-set be right?", asks McNaught.

Retiring young and well-off, in this day and age, is almost impossible for 95% of the North-American population. Retiring rich is statistically just as impossible for 95% of the population, because of this erroneous mind-set.

Everyday new and unique retirement options are made available to the enterprising individuals who care to consider alternative diversification for their portfolio. Don't keep all your eggs in one basket, diversify. Look at different types of Investments other than JUST mutual funds.

A wise old man, once said..."Son, The best advice I can give you is this"...
"One Good Investment Is Worth a Lifetime of Labor!"

Investments come in all different shapes and sizes. Shop around! Consider alternatives.

Consider alternative retirement income generating vehicles for your retirement portfolio. A well diversified portfolio, containing more than just mutual funds is necessary to a wealthy healthy early retirement.

The problem is always the same; when everyone does the same as everyone else, a good thing becomes less than its former fame. It becomes diluted. It is a generally accepted known-fact that when the crowd has arrived, it is best to leave very shortly. Stay on the leading edge...not on the coattails of the crowd ahead.

More Information Better Retirement Sooner options available at or by e-mail.

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