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IncomeHarvest Launches a High-Impact Regional Affiliate Marketing Campaign

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IncomeHarvest launches a marketing campaign to locate Regional Affiliates willing to introduce Brightbox, a "TiVo-like" convergence box, in countries with large English speaking communities.

PR9.NET 00, 0000 - San Diego, CA - IncomeHarvest launches a high-impact marketing campaign to locate Regional Affiliates willing to introduce Brightbox, a "TiVo-like" convergence box, in countries with large English speaking communities. A series of world-wide video conferences will provide specific details.

Brightbox (, a new breed of Personal Digital Recorder (PDR / PVR), does more than record TV content. Brightbox™ is an Internet-capable set-top box which functions as both a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and Media Center. It connects to any media device, TV, or PC on an in-home network. Brightbox supports video conferencing and Karaoke. And the Learning Network™ provides over $47,000 in personal and business development content.

Tom Wood, CEO of Brightbox, Inc., stated: "Brightbox has the credibility and excitement to impress business owners, entrepreneurs and corporate executives. Brightbox™ is perfectly positioned with strong partnerships, unique content, a growing community and a rapidly growing direct sales model."

IncomeHarvest values and is seeking to reward individuals or organizations whose high energy, creativity, drive, and willingness to take risks will result in the rapid world-wide introduction of Brightbox.

Varied overseas broadcast formats (NTSC, PAL, etc.) and power frequencies require that each Regional Affiliate assume ownership and take the lead in verifying Brightbox functionality prior to introducing the product. Subsequent responsibilities include evangelizing Brightbox, addressing product issues in the field, developing product positioning, and establishing and training Local Affiliates.

A Regional Affiliate will initially acquire 10 Brightbox units (US$12,750 wholesale) and will develop a team to market a minimum of 10 Brightbox units per month, in their region or abroad.

Lee Matthews, President of IncomeHarvest, stated: "I believe Word-of-Mouth Marketing is the most effective way to introduce Brightbox and The Learning Network to the world. Global distances and time-zones make face-to-face contact difficult - video conferencing allows us to develop the relationships necessary for our Regional Affiliate base to coordinate with other National Affiliate organizations so as to expedite the introduction of this world-class product."

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IncomeHarvest Launches a High-Impact Regional Affiliate Marketing Campaign

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IncomeHarvest, a world-wide marketing organization established in 2005, introduces an advanced Global Private Network, known as Coil, to individuals and businesses that interact via the Internet. Coil's secure Internet operation provides a host of communications and organizational tools and has a powerful built-in collaborative capability. IncomeHarvest also promotes personal and business development programming via Television and the Internet.

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