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Press Release Category Business - Associations - IP Enterprises Release Date: December 12, 2005

A Good Unique Selling Proposition is Gold

By IP Enterprises
December 12, 2005
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Many businesses don't survive the long haul. Do you know the keys to surviving in the marketplace?

PR9.NET December 12, 2005 - Arvada, Colorado - According to popular statistics, 80% of all businesses don't make it to their fifth year. So what is it about some that allows them to weather on for decades?

After careful observation, it becomes clear that many businesses just don't have a unified marketing plan. One week they stress low price and the next, they claim value. This only serves to confuse the consumer and usually ultimately chases them away.

Successful businesses often have what's known as a unique selling proposition (USP). This statement ties all their marketing together and expresses it clearly and succinctly to prospective customers.

Rather than go to an expensive advertising agency and spend $1,000's of dollars, small business owners can now create a unique selling proposition on their own with the Positioning Tactics System. This set of books explains market positioning tactics and includes practical exercises for generating a unique selling proposition geared toward pulling in clients.

Here is just a little overview of the system:

- Learn the 4 reasons why competitors probably don't have a unique selling proposition and how to avoid their mind set.

- Look at 10 multimillion dollar USP's and a brief synopsis of why they work.

- The giant myth to using low price strategies for a unique selling proposition. Is it a deadly idea or a profit powerhouse?

The system was formulated by L. Parmley, a successful entrepreneur in the publishing industry.

According to Scott Britner, the Positioning Tactics System is "...necessary for Everyone trying to operate a business online or offline. You either separate yourself from your competitors or you get beaten by them."

To learn more about creating a unique selling proposition sign up for the free USP ecourse at:

For More Information Contact:

L. Parmley

# # #

Download PDF Version Download PDF Version:
A Good Unique Selling Proposition is Gold

Contact Information of IP Enterprises Contact Information of IP Enterprises
Address 7450 W. 52nd Ave, #M194
Arvada, CO 80002

About IP Enterprises

IP Enterprises is an educational publishing company dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and dreams.

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