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Press Release Category Business - Associations - How To Products Excel Release Date: December 10, 2005

I Never Made A Dime From Affiliate Reselling Until...

By How To Products Excel
December 10, 2005
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I never earned a dime from affiliate reselling until a friend let me in on his secret – and now the cash just keeps on rolling in.

PR9.NET December 10, 2005 - A friend in Atlanta sent me a private email directing me to a website he thought I ought to check out. He knew I was disillusioned with affiliate marketing and had all but chucked in the towel.

And with good reason; I had never earned a dime for all my efforts spanning almost three years. But I'd spent money; money I'd accumulated from marketing my own produce, loads of money on this and that piece of software promising to get me out of the rut and into the money.

But it never happened

That is until I opened my friend's email, visited the website he suggested, and had my eyes opened to where and how I had been going so wrong for too long.

What I was witnessing is the only genuine training and resource center on affiliate reselling that I have ever come across; no hype, no hard-sell, no rash promises; just a whole raft of workable tools, tips and techniques – and all in bite size chunks that even the newest newbie would have no problem in understanding.

I read the solitary web page from tip to toe, read it all again, and decided to try out just one of the recommended strategies and give it a week or so to produce even a glimmer of a result.

Here's what happened just a few hours later…

I signed in at ClickBank to check on the returns for my own personally generated products only to discover that small unidentified amounts had been trickling into my account totally $157. These represented my first ever affiliate commissions and by the end of the day had amounted to $210.

Not a bad return on my subscription fee of less than ten dollars for lifetime membership to this remarkable resource center. And now, four days later, and although the daily totals are smaller, the money is still trickling in each time I clock into ClickBank.

I intend to implement the remainder of the strategies one by one in the hope that the bigger bucks start rolling in - but even if they don't, at least I now know that I can make money from affiliate reselling.

I cannot and will not promise that my treasure trove discovery will work as well for you but if, as I was, you are struggling to make a breakthrough, you could do a lot worse than visit this innovative center.

Good luck!

Jim Green is an entrepreneur and bestselling author with an ever-growing string of niche non-fiction titles to his credit. You read more about the resource center he has just been discussing at this website

# # #

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I Never Made A Dime From Affiliate Reselling Until...

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