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Press Release Category Business - Associations - releases Release Date: December 10, 2005

The Pied Piper of Property Abroad

By releases
December 10, 2005
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Who is convincing the masses of U.K. residents to buy property abroad and emigrate? What is creating the biggest exodus of U.K. citizens since our soldiers left to fight the 2nd World War?

PR9.NET December 10, 2005 - Is it the lure of a better lifestyle of sun , sea and sand? Is it just cheaper property abroad? Or could it be the overwhelming frustration of seeing the very establishment we grew up believing in, slowly, piece by piece get stripped away before our very eyes under the current government?

If the same numbers carry on for the next 10 years regarding imigration and emigration then England as we know it will become unrecognizable!

So who are the pied pipers leading all the English astray?

The team at are a prime example of this phenomena. The pied pipers are the very same people that emigrated earlier who are living and working abroad . As you need no qualifications to become an agent selling property abroad .Many of them have decided to set up their own real estate companies selling property to the British. The larger companies have been aggressively marketing property abroad at U.K. exhibitions for some time now. The more people that emigrate and buy property abroad the more independent agents pop up on every street corner as its relatively easy to set up an agency. They are all just normal people hopping to start a new future and build their own real estate business. They are the pied pipers spreading the word!

There are only two ways to reverse this mass exodus from the U.K:
1)The government change its politically correct policies ,immigration laws and national health service for the better. All of which we know is highly unlikely.
2)U.K. estate agents adopt the same selling techniques as their counterparts selling property abroad. If we stop to think for a second. Its highly likely that England will be the future hotspot for property investment abroad becuase all the brits would have realized that life abroad is not quite what they imagined it to be and want to follow the pied piper all the way home again.

For more information about this situation contact Robert Horwood. Direct line:0034 677 564 890
Email: Other helpful information regarding the event can be found at:

Robert Horwood

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The Pied Piper of Property Abroad

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