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Press Release Category Business - Associations - Fast Track SEOP Release Date: December 02, 2005

Can the Competition for Google Rankings Be Circumvented?

By Fast Track SEOP
December 02, 2005
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If your internet marketing experience is anything like most, you have spent hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars (or hours) trying to get your site to appear on the first page of Google's natural search results and it has yet to appear for any but the most insignificant keyword phrases. Believe it or not, you might have avoided that expense in real dollars and time if you'd taken a dramatically different approach to marketing.

PR9.NET December 02, 2005 - LOS ANGLES, CA - In a recent study published by OneUpWeb® of the Fortune 100's websites only 13 have "properly optimized" their websites for natural Google placement. Of the remainder, 42 have only partially optimized their sites, 45 have done little or nothing.

Now you might be asking yourself why. After all, these companies could certainly afford the expense. The answer is really quite simple. They don't see the need. They have chosen to focus their marketing efforts on branding and brand recognition and the logic is understandable when you think about it. They don't need to "compete" if they can induce consumers and B2B prospects to conduct their searches using their brand names instead of a generic keyword phrase.

And the approach has obviously been highly successful. When prospects Google a brand name instead of a generic keyword phrase - the consumer will, if the company has taken steps to nominally optimize its site for that particular brand name, see provider's website as well as the websites of its dealers, distributors and affiliates.

Once the branding concept is understood, you need, of course, to think about how you're going to develop brand recognition, getting B2C and B2B prospects to call to mind your brand name when they are in need of a particular product and/or service. This is where an internet public relations program can be of immense value.

A press release I wrote on behalf of an obscure manufacturer in New Zealand in May has to date generated over 179,000 reads, drove thousands of visitors to their website. It generated 100s of calls and email inquiries from organic farmers wanting to know where they could buy their product, a manufacturing plant sale to a European investor group, as well as the attention of other a dozen more investor groups who are in various stages of the due diligence process.

Obviously, it's not enough to select a good brand name. To succeed prospective clients have to correlate your brand name to a particular need or desire. The real value of any brand name lies in the prospect's perception that the product or service associated with the brand name is the ultimate solution to a particular problem.

Branding won't work for everyone but if you are in a highly competitive industry or have a unique product or service, you might well consider it as a viable alternative to traditional website optimization. It's indispensible if you have a product or service that consumers and B2B clients aren't even aware of.

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Can the Competition for Google Rankings Be Circumvented?

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About Fast Track SEOP

Fast Track SEOP is an international public relations firm that specializes in the optimization of press releases to secure top Google placement. A well written and optimized release will normally get cached and indexed by Google in less than a week and hold top positioning for six months or more.

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