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Press Release Category Business - Associations - Mindsystems Pty Ltd Release Date: December 02, 2005

Information Overload: Saving Managers from Drowning

By Mindsystems Pty Ltd
December 02, 2005
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Information overload is arguably the modern managers' biggest enemy. To stop them 'drowning' in information, it is imperative to identify smart software solutions which harness both left and right brain. This means smart software that produces smart managers!

PR9.NET December 02, 2005 - A major innovation of the twentieth century was the 'mind map' by Tony Buzan. The mind map is even more relevant today in an era of information overload. The technique is used in Government, businesses large and small and in education. Why do so many thousands of people use these techniques? Because they:

• Use of colour, curved line and images encourages people to use both sides of their brain. (Most of us predominantly use one side or the other … analytical functions in the left brain and daydreaming/imagination in the right). All the acknowledged 'geniuses' demonstrably use both sides of their brain
• Use 'radiant thinking' (think of a snowflake with a central concept and related information spreading outwards) which allows large amounts of complex information to be logically displayed on a single page
• Are structured to enhances recall
• Encourage better planning and organization

However, paper based mapping does have its limitations including difficulty in changing a map, some people are artistically challenged finding them difficult to draw and other people's maps can be difficult to interpret. These issues disappeared with the arrival of the software based mind map. For example:
• Making changes became a simple matter of 'drag & drop'
• All maps looked good by the uses of inbuilt layout rules and professional graphics
• The results were clear and easy to read

The first software to successfully follow Buzan's 'Rules for Mind Mapping' was software written by a German engineer (Mike Jetter, Mindjet Inc) and it fitted on a single floppy … the current version, MindManager 6 Pro in getting on for 40 MBs! There have been other software products following in MindManager's footsteps such as Mindgenius, ConceptDraw, NovaMind and MindMapper.

So, software based mind mapping solutions make a dramatic contribution to collecting and sorting information, to sort the 'wood from the trees' in fact to turn the issue of information overload into structures and patterns that make sense. However these mapping techniques, sophisticated though the are, have their own set of problems, which fall into three groups:
1. Multiple maps: it is easy to end up with a number of maps relating to the same area and with no obvious way to merge them in a controlled manner
2. A single map that grows and grows (Also resulting from merging maps) so that it is really too big to manage
3. When you want to turn the above maps into a structured report

These issues have been elegantly solved buy the introduction of 'KnowledgeLink Pro' a piece of software that can either work on its own or in perfect synchronization with MindManager. KnowledgeLink converts the radial mind map into a more linear format where it can be easily reorganized, edited and exported as a finished document.

Such a combination of smart solutions goes a long way to both saving managers' from drowning in information and helping them to become smarter. These and other similar solutions can be found at

# # #

Download PDF Version Download PDF Version:
Information Overload: Saving Managers from Drowning

Contact Information of Mindsystems Pty Ltd Contact Information of Mindsystems Pty Ltd
Phone 03 9787 6107
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About Mindsystems Pty Ltd

We specialise in information management and visual thinking software solutions that are aimed at increasing business performance and efficiency.

Supported by more than 15 years of dedicated industry experience, we are proud to be trusted for delivering quality solutions by many of the worlds leading organisations.

Mindsystems provides an expertly supported and comprehensive product portfolio focused on visual thinking. Our solutions cover small to large scale deployments, both in Microsoft Windows® and Apple OS X® operating environments. Additionally, we provide a full range of complimentary training and support services.

Our software solutions are known for their quality and stability, and are fully supported with a financially secure future development path.

We are proud of our 'human' approach to customer support and are pleased to provide a 'Lifetime Support Assurance' for every product we provide.

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