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Press Release Category Business - Associations - Reality Today Forum Release Date: April 26, 2012

Announcing Launch of Two New e-Magazines

By Reality Today Forum
April 26, 2012
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REALITY TODAY FORUM is a new e-magazine for the growing number of people who wish to get their opinions out there and make a difference in the fast changing world.

The readers of REALITY TODAY FORUM include politicians, CEOs of large corporations, doctors, lawyers, movie producers and even average consumers.

PR9.NET April 26, 2012 - This e-magazine includes insightful articles on education, health insurance, senior living, violent videos, education, healthy eating, etc. Writers voice a strong opinion on these diverse set of topics. Readers can respond to any of the articles and present another side of the topic, enter contests or present an all together new topic. There are also controversial questions that readers can answer.

REALITY TODAY FORUM is not like a blog as readers have limited privileges. They cannot add or edit a blog but can send their submission electronically to the editors of this e-magazine. You can join others and have your voice heard. Read what is trending and is a major issue concerning everyone on this forum.
The second e-magazine that marks its debut is the FAMILY TODAY FORUM. This forum revolves around the family system of today which is no longer a nuclear unit of the 1940s, '50s and '60s.

FAMILY TODAY FORUM will cater to men and women--married, divorced and single--raising children and teenagers, caring grandparents, trying to move up, spend better, live better and any other person in a family set-up. A positive approach to living together will be disseminated through this Forum. Drug abuse, child abuse, sexually transmitted diseases, a dwindling economy are some of the rampant issues that have engulfed our society today. FAMILY TODAY FORUM is completely devoted to such issues facing today's families and contains interesting topics for everyone to participate.

FAMILY TODAY FORUM will contain articles on how to cope up with everyday situations. Statistics reveal there are many single parent families, blended families, and teenagers dealing with everyday life situations. The editorial content of the magazine will be educational and informative. FAMILY TODAY FORUM also recognizes the need to inculcate a fun element, which makes this e-magazine a unique publication.

Publisher's Work

Check out the publisher's other e-books on Amazon for the Kindle.

Reality Today Forum!/RealityTodayFor

Family Today Forum!/familytodayfor


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About Reality Today Forum

REALITY TODAY FORUM is a new e-magazine for the growing number of people who wish to get their opinions out there and make a difference in the fast changing world.

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