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News for April 07, 2011 News for April 07, 2011
  • Executive Coach, Psychotherapist, and Author Releases Captivating New Book About Treatment

    Meg Stafford adds her voice to the beautiful chorus of people who have been treated for breast cancer. Topic of Cancer: Riding the Waves of the Big C is not about merely surviving, but about the living that happens during treatment. What sets this work apart is the joie de vivre that infuses and informs the prose. Difficult topics are treated with openness and honesty and offer a direct line into the emotions that wash through this time, as individuals navigate cancer. The reader learns to ride the perilous waves when not dancing on them or diving through. Stafford rides the riptides, including the reader on the daily choices that arise, giving each day, emotion, and quirky occurrence the attention it requires. What results is a coonnection to her, to ourselves, and to life itself. -

  • Offers Online Dating with an Edge, one of the largest online adult dating sites, features chat rooms, message boards and theater to help members find their perfect match. -

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