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News for May 13, 2009 News for May 13, 2009
  • The International Recording Artist Alessandro Bottura Released His New Classic Jazz Fusion CD "Morning Grooves" Featuring The Hit Instrumental Song "MayDay Mayhem"

    Jaco Pastorius would be proud to hear the bass chops of jazz artist Alessandro Bottura. His latest record, "Morning Grooves" is a smooth fusion of rock, jazz, and pop instrumentals all rolled into one amazing sound. Bottura's bass playing speaks for itself and is immediately evident right from the opening track, "Out of Sight." His jazz fueled bass runs fly up and down the neck and are nicely driven by some outstanding guitar/drum work. Bottura changes gears a bit and slow things down on "Sweet Tears," which also highlights his staccato playing skills. Any fan of Jaco Pastorius or of virtuoso bass playing will love this album, plus the band behind Bottura is just as exceptional as he. - Kmartin

  • Introducing the Halloween Costume Stimulus Package

    Costumes Inc. is trying to do its part it in stimulating the economy by giving consumers a substantial discount on their Halloween costume purchase. Customers making a purchase between now and July 1st will receive a gift certificate valued at 50% of their initial purchase. For example spend $50 now get a $25 gift certificate for Halloween. - Maven Enterprises Inc.

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