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News for December 19, 2008 News for December 19, 2008
  • Online Security Vidcast is the Latest Move in Fraud Fight

    Barclays release new video highlighting the risks of online fraud that their customers may face when using the internet. - PR-Sending Enterprises

  • Medical Billing Software .com Announces Release of Medisoft Medical Billing Software Version 14 Service Pack 1

    Medical Billing Software .com today announced release of the service pack 1 of the popular Medisoft >Medical Billing Software program. Our medical billing software is being used by medical offices, chiropractic offices, mental health offices, physical therapy clinics, and other health care professionals.

  • Research Discovers Revolutionary Scientific Theory for Meditation through Mind-Body Connections

    Scientific Research discovered revolutionary scientific theory for explaining the Divine Omdasji Sound Meditation through mind-body connections brought about by biophotonic communication between His Holiness Dhyanyogi Omdasji and the meditating subject through the Divine Omdasji Sound Meditation. Biophotonic communication is energy emission from living cells like light and is controlled by the thought processes. The Divine Omdasji Sound Meditation uses biophotonic energy fields to guide the human subject to very deep meditation in a very short time. - Shri Madhusudan Dhyanyoga Niketan, Ahmedabad, INDIA

  • LighterLife Helping Those Dreaming of a Lite Christmas

    LighterLife launches its LighterLife Lite Programme to help those looking for a Lite Christmas. - PR-Sending Enterprises

  • New Sport Science Lab DVD Increases Athleticism

    Sport Science Lab and its founder, Gavin MacMillan have created and are currently distributing a new line of athletic DVD's. The Ballistic Ball Workout is the first in the series. Sport Science Lab's unique training system focuses on the balancing of muscles and proprioception. - Quantum Communications

  • M&S Money Report Pet Poisonings On the Increase

    M&S Money urge pet owners to ensure household medication is securely stored following increase in reports of pet poisonings. - PR-Sending Enterprises

  • Expands Portfolio To Enrich Customer Experience

    Online perfume retailer ( is to expand its product coverage to encompass a wider range of designer fragrances, adding to the overall customer experience and providing more choice for consumers buying perfumes and colognes online. - Perfume Center

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