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News for  14, 2005 News for 14, 2005
  • Superprem Industries Opens Diamond Tools Showroom in Great Vancouver

    As diamond tools importer and wholesaler in business for eight years in Canada, Superprem Industries Ltd has opened its first showroom in Richmond of Great Vancouver, BC, Canada to serve diamond tools users in the region such as countertop and tile shops as well as construction companies. - Superprem Industries Ltd

  • partners with announces new deal with making the UK's most comprehensive property search even better... -

  • Hydration Station Is The New Buzz In Water

    It's Hip to Sip! Green Room's AquaBar sets a new trend in hydration with there hip and stylish presentations. AquaBar Hydration Stations are the new happening at exclusive L.A. events.
    - Green room

  • Encompix Manufacturing Software Right Solution for Custom Boat Builder

    Custom Boat Builder finds Right Solution for Engineer-to-Order Manufacturing Software with Encompix - TR Cutler, Inc.

  • 38.9% Increase In Sales Produced Thru Patent Pending Process

    New Dynamic Marketing, Inc. NDYM an Internet Marketing and Technology company has documented 10 months of profitable aplication of a patent pending markeing process. This was achieve without any added marketing expense, which resulted not only in greater sales, but higher profit margins. - New Dynamic Marketing, Inc. NDYM

  • ProgeSOFT.US Announces Corporate Pricing for ProgeCAD & ProgeCAD DWG Viewer

    Portland, OR – December 14, 2005 – ProgeSOFT.US announced corporate pricing today for ProgeCAD 2006 Professional, and the ProgeCAD DWG Viewer. - Portland Portals

  • Author Presents President With Book Raise Presidential Quality Standards

    Whether they like him or not, voted for him or not, most people would agree President George W. Bush isn't perfect? But then, who is? Hoping to start a groundswell of determination to improve personal quality throughout the country, author, Andrea Rains Waggener presented President Bush with a copy of her book, Healthy, Wealthy & Wise--52 Life-changing Lessons for the 21st Century (Hazelden 2005), a book of 52 inner qualities inspired by Ben Franklin's 13 virtues. - Living On The Up Beat, LLC

  • Ninety-two percent of New Year's Resolutions Won't Be Kept

    According to surveys, only 8 percent of Americans successfully achieve their New Year's resolutions. A whopping 45 percent fail by the end of January! Why can't people keep to their resolve? Because they're missing a very important step. If people make the right resolution for 2006, every resolution from here on will be successful, and every goal will be possible. - Living On The Up Beat, LLC

  • Womens Tall Jeans - No Longer An Oddity

    Retailers everywhere are starting to carry womens tall jeans, larger shoe sizes, and other unusual items that fall outside of the apparel mainstream. - bridgetallen

  • Do We Have To Use Supplements?

    Now we live in a healthy generation where nutrition and supplements have become an important topics. It is great to have a generation that become more aware of our health. -

  • Discover An Emerging Technology Predicted To Change The World Of Healthcare

    Nutritional educator and professional lecturer, Dave Saunders, speaks this Thursday, Dec 15th at the Natural Healing Wellness Center in Annapolis, Maryland. - Nemock, LLC

  • An Acne Treatment In Today's Western World Fails Because...

    Discover why your acne treatment is not providing permanent relief. Individuality, your previous and current diet, your fat intake, all the myths, internal toxicity, and mindset are all to blame. If want to get rid of your acne with grace and ease, do it naturally, and using a step-by-step process. - Sonny Dhinjan

  • Stress Relief from a Unique New Wellness Device – in Time for the Holidays

    The most advanced personal energy system available today, this designer pendant is scientifically proven to promote less stress, more energy, greater focus and an enhanced well being just by wearing it. Q-Energies announces the release of a more powerful third generation technology. - Sirxia

  • Online Stepfamily Group Predicts Peaceful Homes in 2006

    With over 1300 new stepfamilies forming every day, its important to know that peace is possible, if not probable, in the coming year. Thanks to growing outlets for real-time support available online, stepparents and their spouses can literally connect "when it works for them" with countless others who have "been there", to learn what works (and what doesn't)... and find peace in the process. - The International Stepfamily Foundation

  • West Linn Sustainable Task Force chooses Portland Portals for Metadot Portal Hosting

    Portland, Oregon, USA –The West Linn Task Force on Sustainability chose Portals ( today as their Metadot Hosting Solution, to provide a highly secure web portal for supporting the sustainability initiative for the city of West Linn, Oregon. - Portland Portals

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